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Dear Stamp TV Family:

Let me start by saying Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

I saw a video on Stamp TV regarding making tile coasters.  I believe the video was by Teresa Momber.  She did a video using Stazon Black Ink and colored with Stazon in another color. 

Does anyone know if they make permanent ink colors like Stazon in markers?  I have a more detailed stamp?  Can I use Bic permanent markers?  If I do, does anyone know how I would seal the color on the tile?

I hope someone understands by babbling?

Thanks in advance Stamp TV Family.


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Merry Christmas!  I am not an ink expert, but I found this information HERE that may be helpful.  If you plan to stamp the image with Stazon, it looks like you may have a problem with coloring it with alcohol markers (like Bic, Copic, etc.).  According to the article, "solvent ink will bleed when it comes into contact with alcohol-based ink like you’d find in a Copic marker."  (I have only ever made tile coasters with Stazon, so I do not know first-hand.  And I never did anything to seal the color; I just stamp/ink and let it air dry.)

In addition, if you plan to use smooth glass tiles and just alcohol markers, this was suggested HERE:  "Once you are done with your alcohol ink project, do make sure that you seal the whole thing with a couple of coats of acrylic spray to ensure that it stays the way you want it to be."  (This article wasn't all that helpful in actually using the ink on your project but did give this finishing tip.)

If you go to the video section and search Tiles there are two videos on making coasters with tumbled tiles.

WWWAAAAYYY back when, I made some tile coasters. I believe I used stazon to stamp the images, and then used chalk inkpads to color in (I must have applied it with a q tip or something).  I did use a spray sealant I found at the craft store.  You had to use it outside.

Sorry that’s all the detail I could remember, but maybe if you googled about the chalk ink on tile coasters, you could find something more.

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