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How do you add a link and a Gina K. watermark on your photo?

I would like to add a link to my photo but don't know how to do it. I also would like to add the Gina K. logo as a watermark. I'm totally enjoying this site and the challenges. Thanks.

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Hi Sylvia - I have a tutorial on creating watermarks.  Click here

I am not sure what you mean by add a link to your photo

Remember when I asked you the same thing Vicki?  I think she means how to link a photo to another page. 

I'll look into the watermark tutorial. About the link, I'll use your answer as an example. You wrote "click here" and there's a link to your tutorial. Other people write, "here's my card", and there's a link to their card. That's what I want to learn how to do. I hope I explained myself better. Thanks for the help.

Good question Sylvia. I am not sure I am linking my card up correctly either as I can't figure out how to have it show with just Here like you mentioned. I have to link it right to my gallery to get my card to show or take it off my computer and then it is a card displayed in the thread which isn't right either I suppose. So any enlightenment would be appreciated by me as well.

In order to make a link with the words that you want to use you just do this:

Type the words you want such as:    Click Here

Then highlight those words with your mouse.  Then you will click on the little "LINK" button all the way to the top left of the reply box you are posting in.  When a box pops will need to delete the "http" that shows up since you will be copying and pasting a web link that already has that as part of the address.  Once the little box is empty...then cut and paste the actual web address of what you want to link.  Then click the "ok" button and post away!  That should do the trick!

Thanks...I will have to try that soon.

Thanks Lee, will try it and let you know.

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