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Hello there Folks! I am so excited, because this is the very first blog I have ever typed. So, bare with me since, I really have no idea what I am doing. I've used computers for over 20 years now in many places of employment and at our public library; however, it has just been in the past 2 years that my husband and I decided to purchase a laptop, especially since our desktop was over 10 years old. The amazing thing is with our desktop, we only had to have any repairs done to it once in those 10 yrs, and the laptop has been in to the shop 3 or 4 times, since we purchased it. I am soooooo...... thankful we purchased extended warranty.


Anyhow, about stamp tv - It was totally by accident that I found your site Gina. I was interested in watching some crafting shows online, because we have cancelled our satelite system service simply because of the expense. Both my husband and I have a disability; therefore, we are on a very limited monthly allowance, and we had to make some decisions on what was more important to us - TV was not one of them. I have to admit, there are some shows I miss, but I can actually view most of them online. AMAZING!!! Back to Stamp TV - I simply typed in the words "Stamptv," since I was interested in learning more about stamping itself, and wouldn't you know it, up your site popped! The rest is history; I have been watching your programs ever since. Unfortunately, I do not get to use the computer very often between my husband using it to unwind on Facebook, and my children using it for school projects and their own recreation time. Today however, their all gone or playing elsewhere, so I decided to look up your site and watch some of the programs when I noticed the sign up area. I just took it from there.


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your whole systematic approach to the way you describe and teach how to make different items. One of these days, I am going to order one of your packages. I just love the variety included in each. You see we live in the boonies, up here in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. And we do not have many places to shop. There is one place, a young mom who just amazes me. She use to be open during the daytime hours, but now that she has taken a full-time job, she is open in the evenings, and I think you are suppose to call first; however, I have a difficult time driving in the evening and the dark; and in the winter, we loose our daylight around 5:30 PM.


Anyhow, I'm sure I've said enough to give anyone who blogs a good laugh at how long this is. Keep up the excellent work!!! In my opinion, you have the best job on this great earth, and believe me, I have worked enough jobs in my lifetime to speak from experience.


Many Blessings,

Renee Richards

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