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Well the  idea  was to have a good clear out and see what colour my desk top is... hah!.. my  offsider  David  is willing to make some units to store  all my crafting gear..Whoopee.. but what  to have ... I am thinking it would be a  good idea to have a look at the Wardrobe units  shop.. get some storage ideas.. anyone got some nifty  ideas  for storing ribbons  please  let me  know... lol.. they deliberately  mix them selves  up  just when  i want to use them...

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Comment by Ina Grehan on February 9, 2011 at 3:26pm
Hazel If you go to she has a good idea for ribbon storage I liked only I will get mine made a little smaller. I found it on scs under new ribbon shelf or just type in ribbon storage and you may find something you like. Hope that helps. Ina

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