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That's pretty much what I have been up to. Of course assembling yet MORE Stamping Supplies , this time on Ebay. I saw a Tutorial in which a Drill hand punch was used to pop tiny holes in CS to accomodate Brads, Ribbons etc and HAD to have one ! The Hand Drill Punch shown was by a Japanese Co., called "Yasutomo", you might be familiar with their inks and oragami papers. Well they wanted $49 for the punch, a bit our of my budget you see, since I am on Social Security. Soooo, enter Ebay, and a Japan knock-off for $17 !! Free shipping ! And this onehad 5 different size punch stay tuned for the results.
Also, I joined a neat e mail dailyletter from "Craft Crituqu". It 's an independent site that rates various Crafting products, and offers daily FreeBlog Candy for basically visiting the site recommended and then leaving a comment on the Craft CritiqueBoards...easy peasy right? You can also have your Blog added to their main Subscriberslist, and GUESS WHO is at the TOP of the list ??? Gina's "Day In The Life", now how cool is that !! I snagged the Widget and will try topost it right here for you to go see, and sign up !!

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Comment by Cathie Mckenzie on April 24, 2009 at 10:50pm
No Amy I didn't know Fiskars makes a hand drill...I'll be darned, they are like Costco, you can get everything from them ! LOL ! I Love my little bargain Japanese punch ! It makes it easy peasy to pop in brads or make lace holes for ribbons, or even just decorative runs of tiny holes.If you get one, you'll need to put your cutting mat under it or suffer tiny decorative holes in your desk.;) "Fiskateers", that's a cute name. Hope you enjoy the week end too, it is supposed to be gorgeous but a bit on the warm side....we shall see. I think the Weathermen/Women in our area are only "suggesting" what the weather is actually going to do ! They don't really know a doggone thing ! Above all, have some fun !!
Comment by Amy Bagnall on April 24, 2009 at 6:13pm
Hey Cathy, I used to live in Sterling, too. For a couple of years, 1999-2001. I'm just outside Fredericksburg, now. It's nice to see some other Virginia ladies on here!
I'm only just reading your blog entry, but I was wondering how you like your craft drill? what a deal you got on it - wow! Did you know that Fiskars also makes one? It's light green, around $15-$20, and people seem to love it. I've wanted one, but never have taken the plunge. Friends tell me it will even drill a hole in a seashell, without cracking it! Now that sounds pretty awesome. I'm active over on the message board, but I don't sell the products or anything. it's just a fun site, with friendly folks. I've only just started being active with this community - it looks great so far. Take care -I hope you enjoy our beautiful spring weather this weekend.

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