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Thank you to those of you who have commented on my photos, and apologies for taking so long to reply: I'm hoping that my computer's issues are now over!

I have made quite a few of the stationery boxes since I first saw one on the wonderfully talented Jackie Topa's blog. Here is a link to her blog: If you go to the right hand side and look under statinery boxes under the Categories heading you will find the instructions. It's a very easy set to make, and looks as though you have spent a long time working on it.,

While I was looking for the instructions to post here for you, I found a video tutorial made by the equally talented Dannie Graves, and posted on her blog: Once again, go to the right hand side of the blog and look under Categories. Go right down to the bottom of the section and you will see the Video Tutorial. When you click on that it will bring up Dannie's two part video tutorial. Have a look, because it's great fun.

The first time I made a stationery set I followed the instructions exactly. After that I made my own little alterations and variations. For example, if you are looking at Dannie's video tutorial, part 1, you will see at approximately 3 minutes that Dannie scores a line on both sides of the box at 1inch in from each edge. I don't score that line, I cut it off - I found that it was unneccessary and easier to deal with by removing it. Instead of making the lid of a singel colour and then addind strips of different colours, I make the lid of a patterned paper - even better if it's double sided! You can use the off cuts for the matching cards, etc.

I hope that you will have as much fun making these wonderful stationery sets as I have had.

Also for those of you who have commented on my scenery cards, thank you so much. They were made with a Stampscape stamp and I am still learning how to use them. There is a wonderful website for these scenery stamps,, and the samples you will see there make my examples look very sorry! However, for those of you who are still interensted, I am working on some step by step photo instructions, and then I have to work out how to post them up with the instructions. I hope to have them up for you soon.

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