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Prismacolor Premier pencils as ink

It is no doubt that somewhere in the vast universe of the web that someone else has posted and probably youtubed this technique, but since it is new to me I thought I would share it with ya'll.

Needing an ink color, which of course I did not have, and being the “use what you have” type I started experimenting with my Prismacolor premier pencils.

The first step was to color a thick layer of color onto a scrap piece of cardstock, then thin with baby oil. The baby oil did soak through the cardstock so I tried cardboard which solved the problem however; I liked the blending and application better when using cardstock.

Tap your stamp into color repeatedly, I found that when it had a bit of tacky feel the image showed best. You will want to examine your stamp before stamping to see if the application is adequate or if there are any pools of color on the stamp. You can see on the black cardstock the different ways the image stamped based on the thickness of the color. Where there are dots on the flower is where the color pooled on the stamp, I liked the effect so I used the pencil to add more when making the finished card.

This technique will take a little practice, lettering can be done but is a bit tricky, and it will take some time (unlike pulling out the ink and stamping away) but it beats going out to purchase if you’re in the mood to create.

You can see the outcome in the photos TotallyPrismaTFM and TPrismaTFM. (Page 4 in photos) It gives a soft, subtle look, not suited for every project, but fun to produce. If you are in need of a small amount of color that you see in your Prismacolor collection, give it a try, it’s all about having fun and creating.


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