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Hello my name is DeAnna.  I am a new scrapbooker/ cardmaker, but an old time crafter.  My mother and grandmother taught me to sew and cross- stitch.  We did many craft projects together for the fair, but mostly sewing.  My crafting passion was set aside during my college years, and begining motherhood years.  I am now just getting back into things.  I bought a cricut last year, and that started the ball rolling.  I have now discovered how beautiful stamps and embossing are as well.  My hobby became official in my home as just last week I gutted the clutter out of our laundry room, set up a 6 foot table, and created a meager craft room.  I am frugal at heart, so I enjoy recycling old cards, using scraps from rummage sales, or the good wills, and using just about anything I can get my hands on to craft with.  I am not genuinely artistic, but I can replicate well, and them improvise from there, so Stamp TV gives me alot of inspiration. Love it.


I am a wife, a mother and a part time nurse.  But most importantly I am a child of God.  I came to know Christ as my personal saviour at the age of 25, and my life has been changed ever since.  My life is, and will always be a work in progress.  Not my work, but His!  My lifes song is the childrens bible song "He's still working on Me".  I love the Lord with all my heart, and I hope to grow more and more each day.  If you knew my past, and the bottomless pit he drug me out of, it really is a miracle that He was able to make my hard heart tender, and humble me enough to receive Him.  Because of that gift alone, the gift of Salvation, I am one of the most blessed people in this world.  The fanciest craft room, house or mansion couldnt top what He gave to me that day when He gave me eternal life in heaven. 


Much Love, and crafting!


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Comment by Helen Smith on March 20, 2012 at 1:52pm

I too am  child of GOD.  What a blessed thing to know there are many others like us out there. Thank you for sharing.  I love card making too.  Helen from Canada.

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