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The oldest is 35 and married. He and his wife have adopted 3 children and have 3 more foster children that they hope to adopt. I already count them as "ours"! The second oldest is also married and he and his wife have 3 children. Two of them attend the school where I teach. They are in 2nd and Kindergarten. It is such fun having them there. The third oldest is from Korea and mentally challenged. She lives with another handicapped women and loves to make cards! She is 32 years old but only about 5 mentally. She is a joy! The 4th is racially mixed, married and has 3 children. They are not in the picture. The 5th is not married but does have a son who is also in the picture. The 6th was born with CP but has earned his masters and now works for the university (FSU). The 7th is a farrier in TN. No family yet. The 8th lives in an apartment (kindof) above the garage. His is 22 and madly in love with a very nice girl. The last 2 are also racially mixed. My husband and I have been blessed! Enough about us!

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