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Have been posting on my own blog, but not here because of time frames.  would love to have time to do both, but some day click off of here and go to it before thinking that can post. 

But the pictures do go up here of any with GK product usually.  Love the stamps, the paper,  Yeah, she is having her own lines now.   And, living in Canada, my shipments take one week only to get here. !! that is less than from places in Ontario where we live, so go figure.  Gotta love it, but the wish list keeps getting longer and longer with all the "Necessities" on this site.  

off to do some cards now, as being ill after the season has set me way back and instead of what I envisioned done, have not even half, so time to move here, play more to learn with the markers, and styles of cards. 

have a good one all.


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