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Am absolutely impressed

The post office and border persons on your side of the magical line must have some card making persons who know what this line is because my orders come through in a week normally, which is less time than coming from somewhere in Canada usually.  Well. my order packed and sent out last Wednesday after reveal arrived today.  SIX days to be sent and received.  That is so awesome.  Now to play with the stamps and dp.   Yeah. !!

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have not posted

Have been posting on my own blog, but not here because of time frames.  would love to have time to do both, but some day click off of here and go to it before thinking that can post. 

But the pictures do go up here of any with GK product usually.  Love the stamps, the paper,  Yeah, she is having her own lines now.   And, living in Canada, my shipments take one week only to get here. !! that is less than from places in Ontario where we live, so go figure.  Gotta love it, but the wish…


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hi all

Keep forgetting this is on here when doing my own blog.   Love this site, and the helpful people, talented people, and friends made.     Have to keep checking that some things go here. 


When the posties here get made to go back to work, will get my copics that are sitting somewhere,  Yeah.   can't wait,    In the meantime, able to check out those tuts from the knoweldgable ones in the markers, and have fun making cards.   Ordering of course has to wait but that is…


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Finally broke down and got some nesties,  Having a ball with them, and love the way they work over using punches.  No wonder everybody uses them. 


This site is absolutely what someone needs to learn, grow and become an actual "card Maker"   Love it. 

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got my order

yeah. !!! the order got sent out from Gina K on the 9th, and it came through customs, and to me in exactly a week instead of almost a month like the first one.  Actually, the paper was folded with no total showing so they just sent it straight through.  Gotta love it. 


Made cards of course last night and again, hubby was exclaiming on how clear the images stamp out. 


Don't even want to use the stuff I was using.  Seems so flimsy now, that am amost embarrased…


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welcome to my blog

just realized we can blog here as well as my original one, so here we go.

in 2002 started making cards,and then quit but just making one here and there.  Was actually making candles and soaps and doing shows every week.  Then got other work but still did the candles and soaps.

Exactly two years ago hubby work up one morning (two days after a fall) partially paralyzed, was hospitalized for 6 months, and our lives did a complete turn about.

The card making came back into…


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