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Welcome to this weeks Stamp Tv Addicts Friday Funday Tutorial.

This week we are doing a Triple Layered Stamped Card. 

Gina Has a video on a double layered stamped background and I will link it below. I am doing a triple layer today.   :) 

 Here is the card we are creating today! 

I decided I wanted to use  the stamp set Friends Till The End.

 I picked out the the sun, flowers, and bee.


I took the time to draw this out on copy paper so I could get a idea of where i wanted the images.  I wasn’t using the same stamp, to stamp ( such as a flower) all over the layers.  So this helped me… You don’t have to do this, it was just easier for me to decide where I wanted to place the images. 

Measurements are listed a little further down!  :) 

(no need to try to read them from the paper, that was for my info)  LOL 

I drew it out and shaded in the colored layers. I usually don't map this technique out, but since I wasn't using a image to repeat all over and wanted to create a scene I knew it would help me!  :) 

The card stock photo is all the layers and the base with the white layer of the inside as well!

On this card I started with a colored base, and then cut the layers down to size.  Here are the measurements. 

Base: Depending on if you want a top fold or a side fold card

  • 4 1/4” x 11” scored at 5 1/2”  (Top Fold) or 

         5 1/2” x 8 1/2” scored @ 4 1/4” ( Side fold) 

  • 3 1/4” x 4 1/2”
  • 2 1/4” x 3 1/2”

****Note. after I made this card, the two colored layer… (not the base)  were about 1/16” on all sides larger than I wanted. I just cut the excess color layers after attaching the image layer. I did that to both of the top pieces! It covered up to much of my Bee, sun and flowers. ***

***This is up to you, and the look you are after.***

 Card Base and colored layers: Those are the original sizes (Before I cut them down) 

Measurements for Image layers:

The white Layers:

  • 4” x 5 1/4”
  • 3” x 4 1/4”
  • 2” x 3 1/4” 

After getting it all cut down to size,

I used a little removable adhesive tape runner to tape the three white layers together. 

This holds them in place while stamping! 

I then used Momentos Black Ink and stamped the images.

*Be sure to add some pressure when stamping where the layers are. 

I took the layers apart to colored the images. 

Then broke out the Spectrum Noir Markers.

Sun: CT1, CT2, CT4

Bee: (face & head) LY1, LY2, LY3  (wings) IG1, IG2, IG3, 

         (body of bee) IG4, IG4, IG6, IG8, IG10 *not all the colors were used on one bee… kind of mixed and matched

    ****on the yellow stripe on his body, I used IG3 & IG4 then went over that with LY3 or CT2

Flowers: OR1, TN3, TN6, TN8, TN9

Leaves: CG2, CG3, DG3

I just used a dark gray colored pencil to make the flight trail from the bees. :) 

Once all the coloring was done, I layers each piece with the colored layer.

Stamped the Greeting on the bottom image layer (on the Base)

Placed them on top of each other to see how it looked and

that is when I decided the two top layers (colored paper) had to be cut down… 

Once I did that I tied a ribbon around the middle layer and tied the bow.

Put all the layers together. Added a little white gel pen

to the flowers for a little highlight.  :) 

Finished off the inside with a layer of white card

stock and stamped and colored a little bee!  :) 

That is it for this week and I love seeing your Challenge creations in the gallery!

One Last card to show! 

Here is one I created along time ago.

It also was done with the white wash technique.

I love that technique as well! :)  

Thank You all for stoping by

and I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

(((Hugs)))   <3   :)



Gina's Video - Shabby Spring Double Background Technique

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Just adorable! :) Un-bee-lievable! ;)

Love the card - it made me smile! And thanks for the tutorial - great instructions - goes in my "How to" binder!

Thank You so much Melanie!  :)  <3 

Melanie, GKD Illustrator/DT said:

Just adorable! :) Un-bee-lievable! ;)

Hi Diana, Thanks, and I'm glad you like the instructions! Didn't have a problem up loading it this out the photos! :)  Have a great day!  <3 

Diana Scott said:

Love the card - it made me smile! And thanks for the tutorial - great instructions - goes in my "How to" binder!

Gorgeous card Karen. Would never have though of doing this.

An oldie, but goodie! All your cards are so pretty, but i especially love the way you used a scene composition for the technique. It really is helpful to know how you approached it. Thank you!

How cute!!  I absolutely adore this card!!  I never thought of doing something like that!  You are so creative!!  I also love the one you did back when.  Very pretty!  Thanks Karen, I know we all appreciate your hard work!  :)

Love it!  Great job.

Oh I love this type of card.  Some much you can do with it.  Thanks.

Thank You Ladies! :) <3 It is fun revisiting techniques you haven't done in a while! I wanted to do this technique, but of course something a little different! Hugs, Karen  :)  <3

Love this technique, your cards are so sweet and the twine/ribbon are perfect pretties.

I love these cards so beautiful and I tried the layered card before so it's been a while so going to do it again.<3


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