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Hi everyone! :)

Does it seem to be getting a little cloudy around here!  LOL… 

Hehehe, just couldn't resist!  :)

Ok so I bet you know whats up this week! 

….. That's right…. Clouds.

I know some of you have had plenty of clouds and are

ready for the sun shine!

I am always intrigued with the clouds.

I love to look up and see shapes in the clouds. 

Have you all ever laid on the ground and watch the clouds go

by just to see what you could see in the clouds? 

It reminds me of being a kid!  :)  <3  Anyway!

Today I am sharing some different ways to make clouds.

 There are lots of ways to make them, this is just a couple!

Gina has a great video on Clouds. 

And Theresa Momber's Video that was released on Thursday, 

she makes her clouds with her copics, and they turn out 

beautiful when done that way as well. 

I will link both of the videos at the bottom.

It depends on the look you are after and what you are 

creating as to what clouds you want!  :)

Here we go… clouds it is…  <3 

First up:

These are the clouds that I have cut from scrap

paper or white panels 

that never became cards.  LOL

I keep a bag full.

*Note: the layering weight is easier for cutting out the shapes. 

For this first card I didn't use my cut out though!

Saved them for the others down below! 

 So, I am starting out with a piece of Ocean Mist Card Stock,

and taking my small sponge dauber and inking

it up with the white pigment ink.

 I just make a little swirl, (and thinking about clouds)

I circle around a little and then drag to the right. 

(You can do this how ever you see clouds in your mind) 

I added a couple of clouds, pulled it out to the right.

(You know the clouds that look like they are sitting on a sheet of glass), That was what was in my mind!

Then let it dry a little and added more white ink!

I even got it kind of thick in areas. And that is ok! 

Because after it dries I will add some shadows!

You can see where I used Spectrum Noir - IG2 to add shadows under the clouds and where they fluff up and have a little shadowing going on!

You can also see where I added some more white. Used the edge of the dauber to get more ink on there! You can also you a White Pit Pen or a white marker of your choice to add highlights to your clouds.


Here is a card that I made using this same technique! 

This one is from a little while back! 

 What is great about creating clouds is no

two are exactly alike! :) 


This way of making clouds to me is the easiest.   ;)

See what you think.

If you are going to cover the background with a stamp

 like a vine or lattice or trees… ect. 

This is quick and easy! That is a good thing sometimes isn't it? LOL

The top two photos on the left are two separate panels.

Taking the large sponge dauber

and inking it up with the Ocean Mist Ink.

  Usually I'll start off on one side and move in. 

Remember, less is more - start out soft.

 You can add more ink & sky where you want! 

The second panel is the one I decided to use for a card.

I used the vine image from ( Wild Blossom stamp set) and

stamped it in (Grass Green) all over the panel. 

This is the finished card using that panel. I love the soft sky

that is technique gives you! :) 


This next set of photos, I masked off the bottom area and

started sponging using the cloud templates.

If you are just learning, and you don't want to use your good

card stock, practice on copy paper.

 It will be just to practice to get the feel of playing with the templates. 

Working my way down sponging and moving the templets

around to where I want the clouds to be.

 I then sponged down to the masked off part of the card.

You could take the clouds all the way down if you wanted to!

Then I wanted to bring in a little more color. 

I then switched to Powder Blue Ink  & masked off the

clouds with the templates

 at the top and sponged on the darker color!   


On this lighter one, I sponged the ink around the edges and

used the templates for the clouds again!

See how different they are?

Here is a Look at a couple more skies that I played around with! 


Check out these videos. They are really good and

will give you wonderful ideas!  :)

Gina Has a video on making clouds and she uses a scalloped die

for the cloud templates: Here is the link 

"Quick and Easy Clouds"

Theresa Momber's Video that she shows how to make a some

clouds with her alcohol markers: "Tropical Skies"

I hope you all enjoy making clouds this week. :)

Next we will work on something that will go

with the clouds very nicely!  ;) 

Keeping you guessing…  LOL  <3 

Have A Wonderful Day & Great Week!  :)  <3 

(Hugs), Karen



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oh wow! this is wonderful. Thank you so much for teaching us so much, so clearly!

I'm so glad you like it Irene!  :)   Have fun creating clouds!  <3 

Irene S said:

oh wow! this is wonderful. Thank you so much for teaching us so much, so clearly!

You are quite the artist. Glad that you shared how to make clouds so many ways. 

Thanks, Karen.  Just a mention that it is spelled "templates", so you can fix your post.

Tools for my tool box!

Karen, just a thought - Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could keep all our clouds in a bag?

Fixed!  :)

Karen Knegten said:

Thanks, Karen.  Just a mention that it is spelled "templates", so you can fix your post.

Thanks for the great tutorial. Those clouds are wonderful. I have a couple of thin plastic cloud templates that I’ve used, but I like your techniques better. Gotta tell you though, since I read the tutorial earlier today I’ve been singing “I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now.” :)

Thank You, I'm glad you like the clouds, and Irene, it would be great to keep them in a bag and take them out when we want them… and to place them where we needed them…  LOL     :)  and Yes ma'am Bonnie, more tool to work with!  :)  <3  (((Hugs))) Have a wonderful day! <3 

This is wonderful!  We have rain in our forecast, so staying inside creating fits right in.

Your clouds are sublime!!! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial, once again!!! You so inspire me!

Hey Karen, You know what I like!!!  Totally beautiful!!  I thank you for making your tutorials easy for me (or us) to learn!!  I hope to get to this one soon, like today!!  I hope so anyways.  I need to go and get some coffee and do a few things around here, and them I am going to try both techniques that you did!!  Have a wonderful week-end my friend, and thank you so much once again!!  :) (You are special)!!  :)


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