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Hey Y'all!  Karen asked me if I could do the tutorial for FF today, so here I am!  She's getting new peepers!  :D  I dont do this all  the time like Karen, so be patient!  LOL!  And quick story...I took loads of pics all along while doing the and the card for this technique.  I just need to finish it on up.  WEllll, cant find that card base anywhere! I have searched high and low and even the trash ...its gone! Soooo, I had to do it all over again.  I could have used the pics I had taken, because with this technique, none will ever be the same!

  Watercoloring seems to be really popular right now...and I sure wish I could master it, haha!  BUT, I saw this technique ages ago and thought I'd share it.  If you have watercolored in the might have used salt, to sprinkle onto your creation and let it dry, this is a bit different!  Here we go!  (I used the brand spanking new ST Mini Kit Boho Flowers:

First, gather all your tools to use...I have watercolor pallets of course and water color paper,  brushes, plain water in the bigger cup and the smaller cup will hold my salt water, Sea salt is used for this...the kind that comes in a grinder, which I dont know the difference between regular iodized salt and sea salt, worth a try!  Use any salt you got! And then I used masking tape and a non stick craft sheet.

I then taped the piece of watercolor cardstock to the non stick kraft sheet.  This step isnt necessary though.  But it does make a striking border IMO.

Next I give it a water wash, so my paper is wet.  You can be generous with the water.  It will help to have the paper really wet.

Keep adding your colors, you want it wet.

I have mixed my salt into the water in the little cup, until it dissolves all the way....thus having salt water!  :D  Now comes some fun!  I dip my little brush into the salt water and touch it lightly and in some places just let it drip off the brush.

Keep adding water...Ill kinda hit with the heat gun too to try to keep if from getting too 'soupy'

Also, if it does get too watery you can use a paper towel or baby wipe, as I have, to touch to the pool of paint and let it absorb some of it:

And now that you have an awesome background, put it all together and make a knock out card!  Here is mine :

It makes me think of fire works exploding...celebrating the receiver's birthday!!

Ok, hope you all enjoyed this little simple tutorial!  And have fun playing with it! Because its true, no two will come out the same! 

Ill be keeping my eye out on the gallery to see if any tried it!  :D

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Gorgeous background, thanks for the tutorial!!!!

Wonderful tutorial and love the card. 

I remember using salt many years ago with watercolor, but never dissolving it into the water.  I have to give this a try.  Thanks for the tutorial.

Oh wow, I have never seen this done and cannot wait to try it. Thanks for the inspiration my dear. This is just awesome!!!

What a fantastic background Cat!  I love this technique and I can't wait to try it!  :) Thanks so much for hosting this week. Your card is beautiful!  <3   :) 

Love the results of your clever idea. Must try this out:)

Stunning background, Cat! Thank you for the great tutorial. Will definitely give this one a go!

Thanks Cat for the tutorial! Leave it to you to create such a wonderful background with salty water...haha!

Thanks again

Enjoyed learning to dissolve the salt, I just sprinkled it on top of the card prior to drying the water coloring. Really appreciated your sharing.

Great!! Card Cat!! Thanks so much for sharing! And Yes!! I'm going have to try this technique! HA!HA! I get to try out my new Gansai Tambi watercolor paints!! Yay!! Thanks again! Happy Crafting All!!

Wow! Love the colors this card is beautiful!


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