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Hey Y'all!!  Cat here giving Karen a little break while she plays with the grandkiddos!  I know how special those times can be!  :D  

Ok, so, as you might can tell....I LOVE water coloring things...images and making backgrounds.  Today, we are going to use water color pencils SHAVINGS!  Waste nothing except the wood of the pencil!  I KNOW someone out there probably came up with this 'technique' long before me, but I discovered this by accident as I was sharpening my pencil over some cardstock and some of the shavings fell out onto slightly wet cardstock, lol!  Ok, here we go!

First, get all of your supplies together:

I have here

-Prima water color pencils

-water color paper cut to 5.5 x 4.25

-hand held pencil sharpener

-bottle of water to spray onto cardstock (I  used an old spray bottle that some hair doody stuff was in for my water spray bottle)

Spritz the paper with water.  Im very generous with my water, as you will see, but you dont  have to be.

Now start get your choice of pencil and sharpen away!

My sharpener opens from the side and I open that and sprinkle the shaving onto my cardstock:

And then I spritz with more water, not necessary, you decide how much you want it to spread:

Pick another pencil and sharpen it and dump the shavings onto spots here and there on card stock piece:

Since this blue plopped out in a pile I used the pencil (just whatever you have handy) to spread it around and then added even more water.  Told ya I was generous with the water!  :D

If you happen to get some of the wood shaving on it, which you probably will, just pick up with some  tweezers or fingers will not hurt anything for them to fall onto your project...I just get them out of the way before adding water and heat drying.

Now, I added some more colors to mine.  You dont have to however little or much as you want!  I think it would look awesome even with just one color! 

Every time I added some shavings I gave that area where added a spritz of the water.  The only draw takes you longer to dry as wet as I get  it! 

...patience grasshopper...more drying! 

After its dry, I take and brush off some of the shavings .  some are loose and will fall off anyways, but i like removing some of the stuck ones to give it even more character!  Once that is how you like it...put your card together however you like!  I used the awesome Boho Flowers mini Kit  and made this:

I colored the images with the same pencils, so they would match the background I created.  I used some seam binding wrinkled ribbon and the Be Beautiful is a Tim Holtz die(s).  I distressed the edges a bit too.  I also decorated a matching envelope too with the images I used on the card. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little pictorial I did to share with y'all!  Would love to see what you do with it!  But mainly, just have fun!! 


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How FUN!!! That's the epitome of recycling, my dear. I must try this, thanks for the great tutorial!!!

Wow Cat!  Great pictorial!!  I love the results and getting there looks like fun!  I will have to give this a try.  Very interesting!! :)

What a neat technique! You made a beautiful card.

Awesome tutorial.  Thanks for sharing.

This is a Fantastic technique and I can't wait to try this one Cat! Thanks a million for your creative design and hosting this weeks tutorial!   <3   :) 

I am looking for my watercolor pencils just so I can sharpen them.  Such a huge effect using such a cost effective method.  Thank you for sharing this tip with us.  Love the crinkly ribbon, too.

What a great idea! thanks for sharing :)

That is fabulous!  Thanks for sharing this great technique.

Wow gorgeous!

What a great idea!!! You could even keep the shavings separately in little containers for future use!!! Just like Brusho's!!

That is a cool way to do a water color back ground.  I also like water coloring washes for back grounds and for coloring in my images.  Thank you for a super great easy idea. 

this is amazing!  where did you get the pencil sharpener?


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