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Hi and Welcome to this weeks Friday Funday Tutorial!  :) 

This week I am keeping with the Anything but a A2 card theme.

So I have been thinking of all the things going on in this world, country, cities, towns and such.… maybe if people are kinder to one another it would make life a little more pleasant. So why not spread a little love and it is really easy. It can be as simple as a smile or a note card!   ;) 

I love to pack little notes in my husbands lunch,

or in the grandkids lunch when I visit them at school. 

 I got to wondering what a lady at the store checkout counter would think if I handed her a note that said something like Have a good day,  or a - Thank You for your kindness. I don’t know, but random little note of thanks or such could really make someones else’s day a really great day!  Maybe even your Neighbor! So I dug through my stamps and found this sweet set that was in a kit a few years back and thought it was perfect! 

Here are the supplies I used to create this note card and envelope:

Gina K. Designs:

*Stamp Set - Primitive Blessings

*Pure Luxury Card Stock - White Heavy Base Weight

*Pure Luxury Paper Pack - Summer Brights

*Premium Dye Ink - Black Onyx

*Twisted Twine - Black Onyx

A couple of Zots Glue Dots, Red Bling

This is what I did.    :)  <3 

I started with a gift card for size purpose, although you could add a gift card to it if you wanted! You can see the marks on the paper 

I cut out a piece of Heavy Base Weight White  3 3/8” X 2 1/8” (That is the size of the gift card) 

stamped my image and greeting on it. I wanted something quick so I can make a few to have on hand. 

I then placed my note card in the center of a 6 x 6 piece of pattern paper. If you measure down 3” from the corner and make a line and the same for the bottom corner, then on the sides measure in 2 1/2” and make another mark. Make the marks light so you can erase them.  

Then used the score board. Turning the paper so your corners are pointing up and down line the 3” mark up with the 3” score line and score. You don’t have to do it hard.  Then turn the paper and score lining up the 2 1/2” mark with the 2 1/2” on the score board. After doing all 4 sides, Turn the pp over and score over those same lines. 


After scoring then cut out the small areas so they look like the photo! I had to go back and cut out the score line. I had made my cut on the side of the score line that was still a part of the project. So Trimming that off made it fold up perfectly with out any bulk or wonkiness. :) 

 Next I decide how I wanted my envelope to fold. This is up to you. You can have it open on the narrow end or the wider side. I did it the narrow end.  I wanted to trim the sides so I fold in the top and used the trimmer to cut off a part of the flap turned it around and did the other side too.



I have put the gift card and my note inside. 

Folded it up and added a couple of glue dots to close the flap in the back. Tied some twine around it and then stamped the crow on the front! 

Ta-Daaa  Done, and that was quick! I think My Neighbor will like it!  <3  

I Made another note card, for the final picture because the other one is still inside that little package!  LOL  

Finished Project!  :)

I think I will do up a few note cards to keep on hand,

so I I can spread some smiles!  :)  

I Hope you all have a great day and (((Hugs)))  

Happy Stamping and have fun getting Inky!  :)  <3

Let me know in the comments

if a little note from a neighbor would put a smile on your face?   :) 


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Ta-Daaa is right. This is one great idea to use some of my not so favorite pp and spread the love.

great idea to spread a bit of kindness, we can all use that right now :)

Great idea! I'm thinking of making some with Happy Day, etc. and leaving them in different places in our Club House. As we live in an "Active Adult", or better known as a retirement community, have so many who seem unhappy due to loss, health or just old age. Maybe this would cheer someone's day!

Yay!  I'm glad you like the idea!  It is a great way to use Pattern Paper that you have let over and Diana, I think those people would love a little cheering up1  :)  <3  Happy Stamping and sped some Love!  ;)  <3 

What a great idea and how nice to receive something like this. Love it.

Love it! We can all use a little cheering up.  So far, on paydays, when I drive through the local Tim Horton's coffee shop, I pay for whoever is behind me in line.  It's lots of fun because some times they follow me to see if they know me.

Susan, I know that makes someone smile!  :)  It is fun to do, and it always leaves them wondering!  ;)  

LOVE this, Karen. I'm going to remember it....looks like so much fun to make the little cards!

So many ways to use that pp. I made a small box to place my little stapler and the box of colored staples. And a little envelope to keep my return address labels in. Thanks for the inspiration Karen. Don't know why I don't think of these things. I guess that is why you get the big bucks.

So clever Karen!  You definitely rock!  Have a great day, hugs, :)  


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