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Hi Everyone!!!  (((Big Hugs)))

I sure have missed you all so much!  <3

I’m glad to be back in my crafty room doing what I love to do most!   :)

  A Big Shout Out (THANK YOU Ladies ) to Cat, Melanie, & Gina  <3 

For lending a helping hand!  <3 

So let’s get this tutorial started!  

We are Smacking Acetate & Sponging.. LOL Sounds fun doesn’t it? 

Well it Is and not as messy as I thought it would be…   :) 

This will go along with this months Challenge here in the Addicts Group too!  

After Watching Gina do it I just had to try it and it is the first thing I have made since the move, so I was itching to play in the ink!  <3 

I know Gina just did a video on this and I know most of you have most likely tried this technique, but I couldn’t help but do this one too!

I love the look and it is a great way to get into watercoloring if you

aren’t use to doing this and If you are like me….

thinking that the smacking acetate is a little tricky to get

something that resembles what you have in mind……

Well, Please try it. I was shocked how easy and pretty it turned out! 

So in my head I knew I wanted to do a sky, water and land! 

If I were doing a free form I wouldn’t have bothered putting card stock under the acetate. But…  I like to control things a little and didn’t want to guess

how much ink I needed for something that will resemble a sky and land..…

So this is what I did!

Cut a piece of Heavy Base Weight White 4” x 5 1/4”

placed it under a piece of acetate from one of the stamp sets.

 I grabbed some water base markers (Spectrum Aqua)

I used Kingfisher for the sky, Aquamarine &

Sea Green for the water and Desert for the land. 

Remember when you do this it will be in reverse.

I wanted the land highest on the left side so I had to add more color to the right side so it would come out the way I wanted. Then slide your card stock out from under the acetate. Then using my Mini Mister (Not Shown) I sprayed it real good until the color was runny. There wasn't to much over spray but a few paper towels under the project will keep you from having a mess. I just have some long paper under mine!  I didn’t pick it up to blend any colors. I did spray enough water that I could see it was blending on it’s own.  I carefully laid the paper on it and rubbed on the back to make sure the color was soaking up. And like Gina said when the paper lifts a little, pull it up off the acetate.  So what do you think? 

I love the look of the sky.

It looks like some pretty clouds building up!

The land will work perfectly too!  :) 

So, next I stamped the lighthouse image in Dark Chocolate and masked it off so I could do a little sponging to give the water more depth using my Turquoise Sea Ink. You can see that I stamped the lighthouse where there was a little water under it, but we can fix that!  :) 

I thought about Melanie’s Challenge and her saying you could color in a image…

so I decided to just color in part of this image.

I used a Zig real color marker ( Dk. Brown) 

Vualla… No water in the bottom of the lighthouse!  :) 

The lighthouse looks more secure on land!  

I trimmed this image layer down to 3 3/4” X 4 1/2”  I took most off the bottom and a little off the left side. 

Next use Zig Marker Oatmeal or a light brown, but a little darker than the land color. Just added a little color around the rocky area around the lighthouse.

I played around with several things and ended up deciding to

do a window with the anchor image and a greeting in it.

I love this set and these images work so well together or alone! <3 

Stamp the Image & Greeting in Dark Chocolate Ink and on a piece of White layering weight card- stock cut just a little larger than the die size I picked out.

(I used a piece of scrap) 

I used a rectangle die and cut out the area needed to fit the stamped images. 

I then taped it to the back of the lighthouse layer

and added a layer of In The Navy Card Stock behind that .

Cut a piece of Kraft down to 4 1/4” X 11” Scored at 5 1/2”  Top Fold

Stamped the Happy Birthday Greeting

across a piece of White card stock using Dark Chocolate Ink. 

I stamped it close to the bottom and then it was easier to cut it down to a small strip.

I started in the center and then stamped on each side. 

I think I have a new favorite sky technique! 

I love how the sky turns out!  <3 


Wanted to give the Anchor a little dimension so I used Copic W3 to add a little shadow around parts of the Anchor and the Word Anchor.

What do you think?

Can you tell there is a shadow?  

Thank Your all for stopping by!

 I have missed you all and so glad to get to create again!  <3 

Happy Stamping and I hope you all will take a little time to get Inky! 

<3   :) 


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Love this card!  I can definitely see the shadow.  I am always impressed by the way you use shadows in your cards.  That is a skill I would love to achieve.  I guess I'm a little afraid of trying it sometimes because I'm afraid I'll ruin what I already got right and I'll have to start all over again! LOL  But I think I will have to be brave and keep practicing because I LOVE the look! :)

Thanks for showing the colors and steps you used.  I will give this a try, hopefully soon.

Good Morning!  Great card, Karen.....welcome back!  Love this technique.....and saying it.....smackin' acetate lol

Wow!!It's so beautiful!
Awesome design, love the shadow, the greeting strip and the panel! So many great tips, thanks Karen!
Awesome card! Love it! I played with the "Smack'in Acetate" technique - be careful - it is addictive! Haha! I used my ink cubes, they are fun! Glad you are all moved and getting settled! Hugs!
I love your sky, Karen. Glad you are back.

fabulous card Karen. Thanks for doing the blast from the past winner as well We were wondering. I didn't win - so sad - but I'm glad for Donna. She makes some super cards. Welcome back and hope that you finally got your home more or less sorted the way you want it. Mine still a construction zone but we are seeing some results now and if the inspection is approved we can do the insulation and dry wall next week. Can hardly wait.

Hi everyone!  Yes I am so glad to be back!  I have a new crafty area and I'm settling in... Still will reorganize stuff as I live in it and use things and then I will see what works and what doesn't!  (((Hugs))) to you all!  I really love the smacking' acetate technique... it really was fun!  Hope you all have a great weekend and get a little inky!  :)  <3 

Fabulous card Karen.  The background would also work for a beach scene as you look into the water expecting to see a set of toes or feet...LOL

This is beautiful and so creative, I am just starting and feel like I have a way's to go but your card gives me inspiration!

Great card!! Thanks so much for sharing this!! I have spectrum aqua markers!! Duh! Moment!! Why didn't I think of that!! So I had to try it. And it turned out great!! Now I have to make a card out of it!! Thanks so much. I really struggled with the "Smackin' Acetate" ! Now! Not a problem!! Yippee!! And BIG WELCOME BACK!! Take a picture of your new digs!! 


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