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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to let you all know this will be my last post over here in the StampTV Kit Addicts Group this year!

In the meantime, if you'd like to join us, we have a fun fan club on Fcebook that is very active and we'd love you to check it out!

The group is Gina K. Designs & StampTV Fan Club here is a link

Our Facebook group is a private group and only our members can see what you post. 

You just have to ask to join and one of us will approve you! :) There is a spot that says photos, and if you click it you will see all the photos that have been posted in the group. 

This was a fun and useful project for place cards this Thanksgiving! You can make these for any occasion. 

For this project I used watercolor paper and Distress Inks. 

I started with some watercolor paper and distress inks and sponged two different colors on the paper. 

After I got the color sponged on to the desired depth, I grabbed the water mister and took off the lid and dripped water all over the paper. 

After the water drops dried I pulled out my Tag Dies and moved

them around on the watercolor paper until I got the pieces

I wanted to cut  out. 

I used the printed cover sheet to make sure everything fit. Using this helps me decide where I want to put everything! 

Then I cut two more tags using the white

Heavy Base weight Card Stock 


Next I put the tag in my Misti and placed the stamp on top until I had it in position I wanted and closed the lid to pick up the stamp. Opened and inked it up in Dark Chocolate Ink. Because if the texture of the paper I had to ink it twice. 

So I did both tags. 

Then I picked the (Im so.)  and (For You) stamps and placed them where I wanted to stamp them as well. Inked up in Dk. Chocolate 

Placed the white tags on the score board and scored at the first curve at the top. 

Folded it back and then placed taped runner on the small scored area. 

Lay them on top of each other like a book and then you have a little place card. You could put names in them or write a special message in them. I am placing these around on the desert table and dinning table so my family can see them and read them. Just as a little reminder how special and how much I love them all. 

I hope you all have had wonderful Thanksgiving, and 

made some new memories with friends or family!  

Happy Holidays and take a little time to get inky!  

  Karen  <3  :) 

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Very sad news, I do not have a Facebook account, will not make one just to be able to see or post comment or participating in challenges. I know I am not the only one in this situation. Please think about us who do NOT have a Facebook account!!!

Even though I don't post comments here that often, I read everyone else's comments all the time.  I have appreciated the opportunities to participate in discussions and challenges and I will miss that.  I too, will not use Facebook.  So with Bonnie, I bid a sad farewell to the Stamp TV Addicts group.

Good-bye Addicts!  I will not be joining you on Facebook.  My family has made this decision several years ago and it has not changed.  No matter how well you say it is private, FB as a whole is NOT private.  I have always felt that STV was more private as usually it is just stamping people who browse here.  Maybe I am naive a little bit, but my husband has spoken and FB is not going to happen in my household.  This is what happens when married to a security loving IT man.

Now your tag is lovely.  I love the many discussions here and will peruse these as long as this group is in place.  If more things change, I will miss it, but my life will go on.

I think Karen was just saying that we aren't posting anymore kit addicts posts here through the end of the year. We still have our regular weekly challenges.

And please understand that we are looking for the proper alternative to Ning, which is NO LONGER supporting us!

We are in the process of negotiating a total website revamp and once that is up and running, we hope to be able to make changes that work for everyone. 

I am surprised at how quickly there is a judgment that we don't care about our members. That's quite disappointing considering we have been offering tons of free content here for years at our expense and only looking for ways to make it ever better and to keep everyone connected.

Once again, NING has informed us that they are no longer supporting this software and we are looking for ways to make it better. Facebook is just an option for December while everyone is so busy with the upcoming holidays. 

Guys, I am sitting here so upset at the responses above so I just want to let you in on what I have been doing behind the scenes.

First of all, I want you to know that I totally care about our members here at StampTV. To think that anyone could think that I have no concern for the people here blows my mind! It's THE MOST IMPORTANT concern I have!

I have just signed a contract with a web developer company called IPSO for a $50,000 upgrade for our entire site, including Gina K. Designs, StampTV, Village Paper & Ink and my blog. They will be bringing everything under one roof and it will take six months to complete.

We are only looking for small alternatives for people in case Ning just pulls the plug one day and we all come here and it's gone.

We don't want to lose the connection we have with our members so we want them to know other places to find us so we can stay connected.

Thanks Gina. Although I’m on Facebook and part of Stamp TV Fan Club, I just feel more comfortable posting my cards here on Stamp TV and so appreciate the comments that are left for my cards. I appreciate all I’ve learned here on Stamp TV from you and your wonderful designers. Website overhaul doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s exciting to think about the possibilities the new website will hold. And we'll hold good thoughts that Ning doesn't just pull the plug. Thanks for the great Black Friday Sale. I didn’t see many sites that were offering that big a discount on everything.

Thanks Judy! And I am very excited for the new site. It will be on a WordPress platform and we will be paying this company an ongoing fee to update it each month so we never end up being on an "out of date" platform again!

I am so sorry.  I missed the THIS YEAR part.  I just saw the last post and going to FB.  Anyway, I love this group and this site.  I love the tutorials that have been posted on this group and I often to back and find something I want to try that I hadn't gotten to earlier. 

Thank you for clarifying that, Gina.  I will look forward to the opportunity of seeing the Addicts group here again.  That would be great!  You are the one who sparked my interest in card making as well as teaching me so much about techniques and products.  The members of stamp TV are very kind, helpful and supportive.  The combination is truly unique.  Thank you for sharing the background issues with NING with us and it is great to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I will not join on Facebook, but I am encouraged that you have plans to once again bring the unique sense of community and fun to  I appreciate you stopping by here, and giving us the updated information.

Gina, please know we all truly love and appreciate you! I love the FB Fan Club, but agree, feel much more comfortable posting here! Love and hugs, always! PS: Loved your video with Rina last night! So fun - and the sale was awesome!

Thank you Diana! That video was so fun to make! :) Rina makes me laugh so much!

Diana Scott said:

Gina, please know we all truly love and appreciate you! I love the FB Fan Club, but agree, feel much more comfortable posting here! Love and hugs, always! PS: Loved your video with Rina last night! So fun - and the sale was awesome!

Gina, I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding.  We all appreciate all you do and love this site and all the fun challenges you give us to opportunity to participate in and the amazing prizes you offer.  It will be great to see the new website and everything supported together.  There are bound to be problems with it when it starts and you, as well as others will get frustrated, but it's what happens with change.  Doesn't mean it's bad, just that there are hiccups along the way and it takes time to get used to "new".

Thank you for all you do for us through this site!  You are very appreciated, as well as all the time and money you have invested in creating an amazing place for us to be inspired and create.


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