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Hi, everyone - so glad this group exists!

I'm new-ish to Spellbinders - had the basics years ago when that was about all there was available...the basics. Now..oh, wow! So many choices and I'm a little bewildered and a little nervous of purchasing something that may not go with something else.....advice would be gladly received.

During the last three weeks I've watched heaps of YouTube videos and gathered some information...and a pile of dies...oh, they are gorgeous....loving my new Spellbinders experience!

Learned the difference between A2 and the 5 x 7 inch dies. Purchased the A2 Matting Basics A and B.

Question 1: Please, what are Card Creator Dies? When watching the videos, they appear to be the same as the Matting Basics....I'm confused...LOL

Question 2:  Sooooo many labels dies, for example - fancy and plain. If I want to have a decorative label die set and a plain labels die set, are they all interchangeable, or do I need to buy a certain combination? 

Arrgghhhh!!!  Thanks so much for any help,

Juliette  [NSW, Australia]

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Hi Juliette - welcome !

I believe the dies such as "Card Creator" - "Labels and Tags" - "Elements"  etc. are just category labels. 

So dies that could be used to create cards (among other things) would be under the "Card Creator" category.

DonnaBarb, thanks so much for your welcome, and for your explanation!


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