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Ladies! Declutter Your Space!


Ladies! Declutter Your Space!

An organized home is a happy home. Discuss great tips to de-cluttering your space!

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Does anyone have the Scrap Rack system

Started by Susan Beerman. Last reply by Karen Feb 9. 11 Replies

I have been checking out the ScrapRack site, they have great organizing tutorials that are good if you use their system or not. But the ScrapRack system looks pretty good you see everything and you…Continue

How Do You Store Your Dies?

Started by Sharon Underwood. Last reply by Margaret D Feb 2. 9 Replies

I have several different sizes of Sizzix Dies, Tim Holtz dies & Spellbinders dies. How do YOU store them? I've tried plastic boxes, wood boxes, closet sorter made of canvas that hangs (sections…Continue

How I store my dies

Started by Beth R.. Last reply by Margaret D Feb 1. 3 Replies

Sharon I still store all my flat metal dies in CD cases with a magnet sheet adhered inside. You must buy the older thicker CD cases and simply remove the black insert. I have found them at Staples in…Continue

What to do with a mess of ribbon?

Started by Laurie Morris. Last reply by lovinpaper Jul 16, 2015. 24 Replies

I love ribbon and have a tendency to buy snippets on a regular basis! The problem was that my stash soon became a huge mess! Fortunately I came up with a great way to organize all these snippets. I…Continue

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Comment by Sharon Underwood on May 5, 2013 at 2:36pm

Hi! I recognize the clear, plastic drawers you referred to under your table. My table is normal height & I have about 4 of them rolled under there. I also have clear, plastic 12 x 12 boxes stacked nearly to the ceiling (almost an exageration) with scrapbook projects inside. I have a box for every theme you can imagine, every person in my life I'm scrapbooking for, & every shade of paper they will hold. I have two grown sons, and I have one large plastic tub for each of their stuff I want to scrapbook. Plus, I have way too much stuff for organizing! Does that make any sense? Do you guys find yourself buying stuff for organizing (boxes, racks, binders, etc.) & then not having any place to put it? What the heck is THAT? If I could clear that kind of stuff I could probably get around the room, even on my crutches. As it is, my sister has banned me from my craft room until my ankle heals in fear something will fall on top of me or I'll fall on top of it. Hmmmmm. She's got a point.

Comment by Anna Jernigan on May 4, 2013 at 11:37pm

Hopefully I did this link correctly.  This is the gal who's craft area is one half of a guest room.  Gotta be one BIG guest room, I'm thinking.  LOL  Very interesting, and clever ideas, though!

Comment by Anna Jernigan on May 4, 2013 at 9:59pm

oooh, oooh, Cheryl, take a pic for us of your "new cupboards" (chuckle, is that Australian for cabinets?) LOL  I can relate to you, also, with the "more stuff coming" comment.  That's the whole deal.  How can a person organize a room which has limited square footage (or meters), but constantly adding to the stuff to be organized.  That's like physically impossible, right?  Hoarding starts to peep it's ugly head, me thinks.  Seriously, when do you say, time to get rid of a Stamp Set, or whatever?  GASP!  But, when the room doesn't grow, but the craft supplies do.....somethings got to give!  I started card-making as a serious hobby about Jan 2012.  I have accumulated things, let's just say, and I swear some of them multiply in the night....LOL  Anyway, important stuff, like stamps, inks, die-cut tools, folders, are all non-consumables.  THEN, there are the consumables, like paper, cardstock, ink, markers, blah, blah, blah.  If I am already nearly bursting at the seams, where will I be in say......6 months?  A year?  OMGosh, I need some serious ideas, for dealing with all of these things.  I have an outlet for the scraps that I  really don't need, but.... I have heard peeps say they have file folders with the various colors, but who has room for file folders?  I have gone to the YouTube videos for craftroom organization videos.  One gal had one half of a guest room, and made it work!  How is that possible, I kept thinking that she wasn't showing the basement filled with the other stuff...LOL  Hey, I admit that it crossed my mind. LOL  Plus, she is on a design team, AND makes lots of videos!  Sheesh.  There's another gal I know, Laurie, who is like a organizing Queen, and she makes it work.  It's got to be: discipline!  Making a plan, staying on task, and sticking to it....of course, that makes sense.  I think I need a plan, that's specific to me, but where does one find that?  Here, in this group, I hope.  So, Cheryl and everyone else, and tell.  How to store, without forgetting about the items.  How to store whole stamp sets, by manufacturer?  Theme?  All that stuff, has entered my mind, then I just end up shoving it in a clear box.  Sure they are stackable, but one day an avalanche is going to happen, and that can get ugly.  LOL  Okay, nuff said.  I will check back.  Thanks for having me.

Comment by Cheryl Wright on May 4, 2013 at 2:56am

My hubby just finished making cupboards for my craftroom.  Now that it's finished, I must get organised!

Totally relate, Anna. I've had stuff all over the room - in boxes no less.  Hopefully, now I have more space, I'll be better organised, and have much less clutter.

Of course, I'd have to stop buying craft goodies for that to happen. As if!

Comment by Anna Jernigan on May 3, 2013 at 4:33pm

Yikes, look at how long my comment went.  AND, I just remembered something that I forgot!  LOL  Seriously??  Long-winded, sorry.  So, I have also, like someone else said, I am giving lots of my scraps and left over bits of embellishments to a elementary school teacher.  Kids love crafts.  It's great.  I also hate to just toss that stuff.  Donating excess stuff doesn't bother me as much as throwing it all out, and enlarging the landfill, although paper stuff IS recycleable!  Yeah!  But not all my left-overs are  I just pull out a grocery store bag, and when that gets sort of filled, then off it goes.  I don't actually know the teacher, but my friend does, so I give it to my friend.  I should probably check with my youngest grandson, and see if HIS teacher would like stuff.  They have before and after school classes for kids whose parents work longer than school is in session, so they use crafts to enterntain the kids.  Hmmm.  That's an other idea.  Not pre-schools, though unless free, heck they make more money than any of us do.  LOL  Just my opinion.  In a funny way.  Please don't anyone take offense, I would rather give to those who need it, is my thing.  Okay, nuff said.  Bye for now.

Comment by Anna Jernigan on May 3, 2013 at 4:23pm

Hello, Hello....I just joined up, and happy to be here.  Know quite a few of you already.  My problem: Craft-room is a total mess.  Been working on it, but I get started, then get distracted....duh, it's my craft-room!  Needless to say, it's a big mess.  I don't like it like that.  Also, problem with storage, etc.  I have some ideas that work for me, then I have a whole lot of other areas, that don't work!  I am the type of crafter that IF I can't see it, it probably won't get used.  I have gone for long periods of not dry embossing, because all those folders, are in a drawer.  It's dumb, but I will see a nice card, and think...awww, I have that embossing folder why aren't I using them?  I could go on, but it's the same thing different product.  I even purchased a six drawer long flat top chest of drawers to replace a no-drawer door topper over file cabinets that was previously there, and I have overflowed those six drawers already (in less than a year.)...and more stuff I have heard you all say.  LOL  Egads, and gadzooks!  What a fine mess I have gotten myself into.  BTW, I have a used wooden kitchen table that my husband added a finial top to each leg bottom, and it is "counter" high and a great thing to work on.  (Also, have a long list of health problems, standing or using padded stool really works for me.  Also have a behind the door "shoe" bag that I have placed my punches, and border punches in...added cut-out examples of each punch to the pocket of each holder.  Like where you would place the shoe?  That's where I put my punch.  some punches are doubled-up.  Works great, even the over the door part works great.  I am ramping up to put my steel die-cuts on magnetic sheets in plastic boxes, and found a store that sells them reasonable...ordered a couple to start.  Also have those plastic see-through drawers on rollers under my counter-top table.  Amazing how many you can fit under a raised up table.  LOL  That works.  Well, I will stop. Here is a short list of other things I have utilized from other people's ideas.  Small single stamp sets in clear pockets in binders.  Clear shoe box containers for Inkpads, rubber-banded the tops on.  Lots of things I keep in the original package, like my nested spellbinders, but added magnetic tape to hold them in a group inside the pkg. and slide them in and out.  They are stood up in one of the under the table clear drawers.  Have also used pencil boxes $1 store finds, to put smaller objects.  Open clear plastic containers to keep on table top with acrylic blocks.  Steel mesh pen holders (added some foam to inside bottoms) and store my craft scissors, craft knife, craft pick, glue pens, white pens, etc.  Have more than one holder, so dedicated to each category. All stuff purchased on sale, or at dollar store.  I want to spend on stamps, not storage.  LOL  Okay.  Later.................Hey, there are some really good ideas from what I have read so far on the comments here in this group. 

Comment by Sharon Underwood on January 19, 2013 at 6:53am

OMgoodness, thought I'd left my little phone in my craft room! I looked & looked & looked...finally found it in another room, thank goodness!

I've been sorting paper, like scraps left over from projects. That stuff is everywhere! I saw someone online had shown they had scraps in boxes (like shoe boxes) sorted with dividers by color. She went straight to each divider anytime she needed even a small piece of paper. It looked so easy & organized...but geez, where do I start? Ha! If I start now, maybe by...hmmm.

Comment by Cheryl Wright on December 31, 2012 at 11:26pm

I'm on the verge of totally emptying out my craft room and starting over.  It is such a mess that I feel overwhelmed with it all.

I have three grandchildren living with me, and the two girls (10 & almost 12) craft all the time. They never pack up after themselves, and leave a massive mess everytime they're in the craft room.

It is so frustrating.

Last time I was there with the ten year old, she knocked something off the table, and there it stayed!

I'm looking at getting additional cupboards/shelves to accomodate all my extra craft goodies I've bought this year.  Eight more sets of GKD stamps on their way, so I better get organised soon!

Comment by Sharon Underwood on December 31, 2012 at 11:07am

WOW--thank you for posting! I cannot wait to take a closer look. Maybe get motivated to work on my creative space again?

Comment by Jan Smith on December 3, 2012 at 1:17pm

Hi everyone, my name is Jan and I just joined this group.  I am in the process of moving my scrap room from a bedroom to the basement and want to really make sure I have it set up and organized.  So am excited about learning from all of you.


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