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I love ribbon and have a tendency to buy snippets on a regular basis! The problem was that my stash soon became a huge mess! Fortunately I came up with a great way to organize all these snippets. I picked up some clips and rings at my local stationary store and voila!



                                Plus this
















                              Makes this!

                        All sorted by color!


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Yes Susan I hang them. I has S shaped hooks that I bought at ikea and then just hang them from a bar.
Wow great idea. Thanks
My daughter and I took everything out of my craft room then sorted and organized as we put things back in and made a pile for garage sale at my quarterly crop I attend

I also collect lots of smaller lengths of ribbons....I use small clip lock plastic (sandwich) bags and then sort the colours into individual bags, I then store them in a craft box...easy to find and not bulky at all.

I store my ribbon with these clips as well, but I have been hanging by color family on my dress manikin.  

I know this thread is a bit old but I have just found it and thought I'd add my idea way of ribbon storage,

I saw this on you tube so it not my idea but I adopted it and love the way it works for me.

The hangers are trouser hangers that had rubber on each rung which I removed because the ribbons wouldn't move easy.

I looped the ribbons then put them on the rails then cut the loops at the bottoms so I had raw ends to grab instead of looking for the ends all the time I wanted ribbon.

sorry photo didn't work

Having another go at loading the photo

Wow!  Margaret this is some serious ribbon hanging.  I think this would be easy to find what you are looking for, though.  I need to look closer at this thread as my ribbon is all in a ziploc bag or two and not as easy to locate what I want as it could be.

Margaret Jenks said:

Having another go at loading the photo

LOL    firstly I can't get a photo to up load then I end up with two postings of the same thing??????????

I have found this the best way for me,   I've had snap lock bags, reels on rod, draws with spools that never stay tidy and take up a lot of space but  on hangers it just takes up a small amount wall space,  I hang these behind the door where nothing else can go  and as you can see I can still fit heaps more ribbon on the hangers yet, I had my laces on cards but found the lace ended up with fold marks on them so this solved that to. 

Margaret, you did not post two photos.  I pressed reply on your original photo post, so it copied the whole thing.  You did fine!


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