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I love ribbon and have a tendency to buy snippets on a regular basis! The problem was that my stash soon became a huge mess! Fortunately I came up with a great way to organize all these snippets. I picked up some clips and rings at my local stationary store and voila!



                                Plus this
















                              Makes this!

                        All sorted by color!


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LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.  Mine are all thrown in a box and tangled.  What a wonderful idea.  I am wondering if the rings would go through the holes of the reels also.  I have some of those rings and will definitely get them out and try.  Thank you so much
Glad you like it! :-) The rings will indeed go through the hole in the reels. The challenge in this case is to find really big rings. They are harder to track down.

Peggy Batton said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.  Mine are all thrown in a box and tangled.  What a wonderful idea.  I am wondering if the rings would go through the holes of the reels also.  I have some of those rings and will definitely get them out and try.  Thank you so much
I have a box of rings that are really to large to use on books so I will try them.  How big were your rings that you used?  I am thinking that if I hook colored reels together, then I can hang them.  Or at least store them so they don't get tangled.  Looking forward to trying this idea
I have three sizes  - 2",   2 1/2" and 4 1/2"  When I get too many of one color of ribbon to fit the smaller rings I just move up to a larger ring.

Thanks - i think the rings I have are 2 inch.  Will have to look and see as they are put away "somewhere"  But I will look for  the 4 1/2 inch.  Probably at the office supply store.

Great idea!! I like how each large ring holds a different color family. Nice job! 

Here is an idea that I use . . .

I have one box for solid ribbons (mostly one color or those with minimal white on them or tone-on-tone). Then I have another box for multi-color and themed ribbon. If the ribbon is on a mini-spool, I can just drop it in the space. If not I wind it around floss cards. The boxes are from Cropper Hopper.

Since these pictures were taken 2 years ago, I have added 2 more boxes for a total of four boxes. Each box houses different types of ribbon organized by type (Cross-grain, organza, ric-rac, Specialty, etc.) and color (solid, multi, themed, and nuetrals) They are great for taking to crops too! I only take the case(s) I need.

Happy Crafting & Organizing!!, Barbara

I like the ring idea so much I was inspired to clear out some closet space in the craft room. I realized I could hang more than ribbon. If I sort the cards I've created into groups, I can bag them up accordingly & hang them on rings like that, too. I also saw the idea (somewhere I can't remember) of using the hangers used for shower curtains. You can put bags of cards on those & hang them on your closet rod.

I love the box full of ribbon, but it looks incredibly neat & I'm not sure I can keep it that way!

Wow, great idea! I just found this through a link from a Pinterest board! Ha! Thanks for the great tip Laurie and I'm looking forward to more decluttering...didn't know about this group, but am really glad I found it now. :)

Hi Dotti! Glad to see you on here. Feel free to add any organizing tips you have. Dies, punches, paper, ribbon...even how you prefer to set up when you're making cards. Do you like to have everything out where you can see it or do you keep it put away? I'm curious about how other people create, 'cause I'm a work in progress & want to improve as I progress!

While you're decluttering, what do you work on first? I honestly don't know where to begin. I'm overwhelmed.

Hello ladies,
I'm glad you found this thread. Especially cool that it was on Pinterest. Does that mean I'm famous cause I had a great idea? Lol. Sharon, I like my craft room supplies organized, but look out when I start creating. My desk top gets pretty messy. I'm usually so focused on what I'm creating, that I don't worry about a clean desk top until I'm done. I love to have everything at my finger tips so my craft room is organized to accommodate this. I only leave my chair to go to my high counter are to use my big shot. Otherwise everything I need is within arms reach.

These are great ideas for organising ribbons.  Will have to give them a go.  I've got at least three years worth of ribbon (seriously), yet I still buy more, and more....

That's a great idea, I came up with a similar idea. I use the Large rings but instead of using clips I put them in small Ziplock bags that I buy at Michael's. You get 100 bags for one dollar so you might save a bit. I think your idea looks a bit nicer. What do you do the rings, do you hang them?


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