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I have been checking out the ScrapRack site, they have great organizing tutorials that are good if you use their system or not. But the ScrapRack system looks pretty good you see everything and you can even put your stamps into the system.

I have been holding back because as others have mentioned I feel like I'm spend so much for organizing when I would rather buy stamps etc. I have spent a lot on organizing that isn't really working but if I change then What do I with all the containers I was using.

Please let me know I you have tried the ScrapRack or know of anyone who has any Pros Or cons

Check out the organizing at

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Did you ever get any answers on this?  I am interested too!

I have a brand spanking new scrap rack if anyone is interested. .....deeply discounted!  I just don't scrapbook......I only make cards, so I misunderstood what the system was for!

I think it works by putting all items together by theme, like birthday, etc. Am I right? Why are you selling it?

Because I don't scrapbook, I only make cards.

I have the ScrapRack and actually  no longer scrapbook either, and mainly make cards and some mixed media. I am also a demonstrator for a stamp co. I have way too much "stuff", that literally, the joke with all of my relatives is to go to Donna's store and get what you need.  So I purchased the ScrapRack because she does have great organization ideas, and I was also spending too much on stuff to organize! So, with that in mind, I do not keep my papers in the rack itself as I have WAY TOO MUCH, but, I do organize all of my paper in bins according to her system, but I have them in an IKEA cube storage using 12 cubbies. I organize all of my loose stuff, like charms, buttons, brads, eyelets, loose die cuts, sequins, beads, flowers, etc, all those where can I put them stuff in the rack. It works! Now, I know where to go and I actually find things that I forgot I had! I have it sitting on top of one of my IKEA Kallax units that has 8 cubbies and it works perfectly height wise for me to use. The hardest part is taking the time to sort and purge all of your stuff. Then on certain kind of pages, you have to configure the weight issues if you have some heavy items. I also use it for only scraps of ribbons, I did not take full rolls off, only because I have too much to store in there. But, I am happy with it. We moved recently to take care if my father in law, and I had a large master bedroom as my craft room, now I had to downsize to 1/3rd the size, but, it really helped with all the cha chi stuff. I also do not use it to store my stamps as I also have way too many for that.

I am very glad it is working for you! I guess that I don't have all the "extras" that you do. And, I have very (very) limited space! I just feel so bad looking at it all boxed up in the corner, so sad! I have additional pages, if you are interested. As I first mentioned, I did t really understand the concept prior to purchase.

How much are you selling it for?

Half whatever is needed to ship it to you. I am in suburban Philadelphia area (if that helps).

What's the amount at half price & how big is it?

$75.00 plus shipping. Size, it's still in its box as I never opened it. But if you Google it, you can see the size it is when open & in use. If you want, I can measure the actual box (dimensions) for you. Just le me know.

Ooops, forgot to mention that it retails for $149.00.

I also have additional page inserts. Not sure which ones. If interested I would be happy to check for you!


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