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Here's a page out of my Fake journal. Roz Stendahl created international fake journal month because life is too short to live just one! Love that concept. So, here's my Day 2 page from a young man (teen) named Danny who's moving to a new adoptive family. You can read more (including Danny's text) on my blog.

Danny Day 2
Ky that is cool!!!

Did you do those drawings??? HOLY COW!!!! Hee Hee
Maaaooooooooo that's me! And you're CORNY!
Alright girls (and boys), I want to see what's in your journal!!

Here's another sample:

Hee Hee... yep... I AM in corn country! LOL

Ky Scrapacat said:
Maaaooooooooo that's me! And you're CORNY!
Here's a few shots of my new but "Disappointing" journal! LOL Can you tell I wasn't happy??? LOL

Oh I love this Tina!! Beautiful and fluid. Hmmm...I smell a technique from this one.

As for the journal - I'm using something very similar. I use gesso or gel medium to glue two pages together. Having the gesso or medium between the pages acts as a barrier to inks, paint, etc., but the surface of the page still reacts like it should.I also do things on Gina's delightful paper (smaller images) and then adhere them to a page when I'm done. This works well if you want to make a project more portable - you can just stamp your images, take them with you, color, experiment, etc, then cut them out, adhere, and journal about the supplies you used, what you might change, need to remember, etc.

Tina Gilliland said:


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