Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Visual or art journals - One of my friends introduced me to this wonderful source of therapy. I have 2 of them going. The first is a mixed media notebook where I can jsut put my feelings of the moment in both words and images. I papercraft, I paint, I cut out pictures I love and best of all I express myself. Every 3 months or so I write myself a mini letter reviewing the previous months. The second one is one of those new Smash Books by CK (The yellow-international one) and I have decided to make it about me. The story of my life (and at 61 there is plenty to tell). This last one is intended for my grandson when he gets older. The boxes of pictures and the things I have or collect might not be his thing but this book should help him know me. We lost my son (his dad) a few years ago so its really up to me to tell the story.

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I art journal a lot too.

Blessings to you Suzanne


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