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Well, it looks like I have come to the right place for HELP. My husband wants to start buying me Copic Markers, but I have NO idea where to start. Could someone give me a starting point and where to get them. I really love them, but I don't want to buy pens I might not use (if that is possible LOL). Look forward to all the wonderful advice. Barbara

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I recently purchased the Copic coloring guide from Annie's Attic. If I was just starting I would purchase colors from this book and use the book and markers to practice.

If you have a Michael's or Hobby Lobby you could go look at them inperson to get n idea of colors you like. Then buy colors close in number in the same family to blend. Or buy a few different colors and try them out. You could shade by layering with the same color.

Have fun. They can be very addicting!


Be sure to make a list of the Copics you have and take it with you when you go shopping.  I went to the Copics online site and printed one out.  I then, colored in the appropriate number of the Copics I have.  This way I don't duplicate.


Have fun!


Hi Colleen:


I'm fairly new to the Copics and have been buying them a few at a time, whatever the budget will allow.  So, now I have about 21.  Thank you so much for the list of markers to start with.  I will add this to what I have and can finally start producing some cards with Copics.



That would be amazing, 

I have 30 copics and can see why people use them,  I have bad hands and they are easy to use .  Now to gather, gather, gather, and learn, learn, learn.   Need the book as well. 

I buy online in batches of $50 for no shipping @ These are the cheapest I've found and I've searched a lot of places. Check it out. He ships fast!

I splurged a year ago and bought a set of 72 copic markers. Only to go to a local class and find out I did not have more that 3 sets of 3 markers that were correct to blend with. I have since worked on getting some more to make a few more blending groups.

But, in the mean time I feel so discouraged. I really don't know where to start. The class I took was more for artists and I can not find anything locally where they start you from ground zero. I mean I need someone to sit beside me, for a few step by step classes, in order to get it. 

I was intimidated by them at this public class and was clear everyone knew All About them, but me, even to it was...Intro to Copics!! 

Can anyone give me any ideas of where to go, online or whereever, to get the basics?  And by basic I really mean basic. What image is best, to start with, how to hold the marker, etc...


Copic also has an app that you can get on your phone to have when you go shopping, you just click on the ones you own, all styles are in there and you use the star to mark the ones you want, it is called Copic Collection. Also, if you want a good app for all your markers and inks their is one called My Markers that I use on my apple device called My Markers and it has Copics, Zigs, SN and all ink pad companies as well as pens, regular and glitter, everything, also if you find something not on the app, if you email the creator and ask, he will add it to it and respond to your email!

Yes, oozak is the place to go for the best prices. I also like and they are having a moving sale too.

Tamtamv said:

I buy online in batches of $50 for no shipping @ These are the cheapest I've found and I've searched a lot of places. Check it out. He ships fast!


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