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MAJOR EXCITEMENT!!!  I got this set of 36 special sketch markers for Christmas!  I still can't believe it!  They're the black ones with the brush and fine nibs.  Do any of you have that set?  Do you like it?  What should I get next?  So many questions, I know, but now that I got them I don't know what to do.  What stamps should I use to make the most of them?  Any suggestions?  I have 24 others that were given to me a few weeks back.  I wonder if I should put them in a 'shading' order to make things easier for me.  Do you have any favorite tutorials I absolutely should see?  I am sooooooo excited!

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have them.  Love them.  Have other markers with that fine nib end and really need them some days for my hands so ordered this set.

They obviously did a setup for this new style, so am hoping that it will be a new line they bring out, so am waiting to see.  we can hope.   

have about 150 now and just keep them in a 6 x 6 holder for now.  after using for a  while, know the colour by the end, but think that if quite a few more are accumulated it may be better to store in colour groups.    

Also the others are caio, with no numbers on the ends.   

have fun.  they are so awesome to use.  Myself, also purchased the books by Colleen Schaan, who posts here.  Need to do that being dyslexic, but there are  any videos out there.

What an awesome gift!!!!  The anniversary set is a great starter set as it has several blending buddy sets (usually 3 or more are needed to get a good blend.)


When I first started, I found a site that had utube videos and after watching several artists, I decided who's style I like best, which in my case was Suzanne Dean, and I went about getting what she recommended. She has a great starter list on her site, she also teaches on line courses, which are awesome!!!


I started by buying flesh and a hair tone colors. I went with brown first, as I reasoned that I could use brown not only for hair, but also for clothes. As it turned out, browns were an excellent choice; as it seems that I rarely color without a brown or earth tone in it. I own about 3/4 of the earth tones and I intend to get the rest down the road. It is surprising what a difference the right brown can make and how different they can be.


I like to look for the colors in nature to get first. A dress can be any color, but leaves just aren't the same without green.


I build my collection by getting an earth and a fun color duing each shopping trip. That way I felt like I was getting a variety of colors, but still focusing on the boring earth tones. I still look for my blending buddies and buy them in the 3 tones that can blend together, although my collection is large enough now to buy another from the same family that I already own, to increase my color range.


The most important part is to get colors that you like and would enjoy coloring with.

Thanks, ladies, that is some great advice.  Haven't thought about books, Shari, but that's a great idea.  I think for now I'll start but sorting them according to blending buddies; that's a great tip, Mari.  I'm noticing that I need to get a few more of those.  My local craft stores don't stock a lot of copics, but I'm going to Atlanta tomorrow and will try to find a Hobby Lobby or something there.  Wish me luck!  I've looked at some videos already, but most of the ones I've seen were way over my head! 

Gabi, I am so excited for you.  Can't wait to see all the beautiful cards you make.  I haven't had much luck finding Copics at craft stores.  The Hobby Lobby by me only carries a few small sets.  You might have more luck if you found an ART store, but they are usually more expensive.  I buy most of mine on line at    They always seem to be less there and they carry all kinds of Copics.  They are really fast in service too.

Oh Gabi, what a super fabulous gift!!  Everyone had some great tips/suggestions - Definitely check out Sharon Harnist (StampTV DT member) in addition to Suzanne Dean.  Both Sharon and Suzanne have great video tutorials - and be sure to check out youtube as well. Sharon has a few charts of her favorite go to colors and a great "starter" list - she also has a chart pairing up which copic colors match to the GKD cardstock colors.  Here is a link to the chart:

I have also been slowly building my collection of Copics, and have found to offer the sketch markers at a great discounted price, yet I have received a few emails from various sites that the copic markers are going up in price after the first of the year.  Enjoy your new copics!

Got another mail today that they have to go up by $1.00 each as of the first of the month.   So this would be a great time to try for a few colours to blend with before then.    And, some of the card making magazines have tutorials in them as well.    Storage problem is that being in Canada am not paying the shipping then duty for the units that are available in the states like Sharon has, so really am storing in what is here until finding something. would cost way more than they would ever be worth. 

Have fun, this is  wonderful set. 

I bought some of my markers at Hobby Lobby and now Michaels carry Copics as well. They are in the art section and not in the paper crafting area.

At Hobby Lobby you can use a 40% off coupon. The coupons are available at You can print out a coupon or if you have a smart phone, you can just show them the coupon. If markers are on sale, the fine print reads that Copics are excluded, however the fine print on the 40% off coupon does not exclude Copic, so you can always use this coupon. Sometimes I have to point this out to the cashier.

For storage, I bought the Copic large case, but what I like best is the container that disinfecting wipes are sold in. These containers fit inside the Copic case, which I use to travel with my markers. Before this case, when traveling I once dropped my markers and ended up with a few missing. :( Now I always use the case and zip it all the way.)

You ladies are awwwwwsooooome!  Thanks so much for all of the great advice!  We just got back from Atlanta, and since there was no time for me to check out their craft stores, I will get on line right now (before DH gets too hungry) and spend a little leftover Christmas money on an order of markers before the price goes up.  So glad you posted this!  Hope to get some time to watch tutorials after the first of the year, when life should slow down a little.


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