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I am so glad to have found this group!

I have purchased the scan n cut 2 and am very frustrated. I mainly want it to be able to scan my stamped images and cut them out with a small border.

The machine will scan the image, and I can see the entire image, bit when I go to cut the image, it picks small sections to cut, not the entire outline.

Can anyone offer any tips?

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Hi Kathy , 

 I'm new to the scan n cut 2 but I've learned a few things .. If your stamped image has any tiny breaks in the outside line it will show it as fragmented like you mentioned . Try to outline your stamped images again with a black pen , so that the outline is completely solid . hope this helps some .

I agree with Tracy getting a good scan is absolutely necessary.  When you scan your item and then move the page to make the area smaller it you can't see everything really well it will not cut,  I use a micron black pen to fill in any light area in the stamped image and then rescan and it usually is dark enough to cut the entire image.


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