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Comment by Keith M Waugh on Sunday

The Gallant Cavalier

by Keith M. Waugh

The cavalier stood with his back against the side of the cliff, his shield barely protecting him from the fiery blasts of the dragon. His horse trampled into the dust, his friends deserting him in favor of their own lives, he alone faces the dragon as it tries to scratch and claw at him.

He knows he must not fail because no one else is left to defend the kingdom or his true love. The wisp of pink silk torn from her dress and now tied to his wrist, reminds him of her figure and her encouraging smile just before he rode out to face down this dragon. Now it is dirty and stained with his own blood, yet it inspires him and gives him courage.

Throwing aside his own mortality, the cavalier swiftly moves forward and in a flash, the fury of his blade drives the dragon back. The cavalier’s heart, yearning for the sweet taste of his lover’s kiss, strikes valiantly, finding the one vulnerable spot beneath a loose plate of the iron-like scales.

The dying torment of the dragon is nothing compared to the pain within the cavalier as he fears he might not reach home before his blood spills entirely away. With a vision of his lover always before him, the cavalier hobbles and crawls his way over rocks and through streams, always moving toward her.

Finally, pale and battered, he reaches the gate. Hardly recognized by friend or squire, they watch tearfully as he drags himself up the steps toward her chamber. Leaning on his blood stained sword, the knight tosses aside his armor and prepares himself for her embrace. Opening the door and using his final breaths, he presents himself to her room, only to discover the stable boy has taken his favored place at her side.

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 14, 2014 at 9:02am

It's a day after a heavy thunderstorm and cool weather following, so I've got a southern favorite on the stove... a pot of ham and beans! My first encounter with this dish was while I stayed with my maternal grandmother, a Louisiana Cajun, when I was knee high to a cricket. In fact, English was her second language and even then she spoke it with a heavy Cajun-French accent that some people found difficult understanding. Even though she's been gone for years, I carry on many of the dishes and traditions that she taught me. Keeping in touch with our heritage is more important than most people realize.

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 12, 2014 at 8:49am

It's 54 degrees this morning, foggy, overcast, and the first day since last winter that I have to put on a jacket to go outdoors.

If you are from Arkansas, and are a card maker/crafter, then you should consider joining this group! I could use the company. :))

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 8, 2014 at 6:30am

It's not necessarily the situation, but the emotions such as this that can be expressed in the creation of your art.

Waiting By the Sea

by Keith M. Waugh

On the point of a jetty the figure of a woman stands motionless, framed against the ebb and flow of the waters around her. The wind coming up the Chesapeake Bay whips at her hair and bites at the exposed flesh of her bare arms and neck. Straining her eyes into the distance, the white-capped waves deceive as she searches for first sight of her lover's ship returning after so many months at sea. Ghost-like, ships appear and then glide past, parting the waters in a spray as they have for centuries. She feels a kinship with the long line of wives and lovers who have gone before her as they too scanned this same horizon for the billowing clouds of gleaming white sails, ending the ache and yearning of self imposed exiles.

She recalls their last moments together and the heaviness of her heart as he slipped from her grasp. But that was an eternity ago. Now, every nerve in her body is ablaze with anticipation. The time on her wristwatch seems to crawl, yet the sun, as it nears the horizon, races as fiercely as the wind. The length of the shadows make it all the more difficult to separate illusion from substance with so many miles of turbulent waters between her and the man of her dreams… a dream come to life in flesh and passion.

Chilled to the bone, she shifts from one foot to the other, not just to stave off the cold but because of the energy she has penned up inside waiting to be released upon him.

A wave of doubt and panic sweeps over her as the appointed hour passes… and then another. Blinking back tears, a battle rages within her. Nervously biting her lip, she fights for control and to keep from fleeing in disappointed abandon. The sun begins its slide over the edge of the world as her heart sinks with it. Tearfully, reluctantly, she gives up her place on the jetty and is hardly aware of her arrival back on the shore. Hesitating… afraid of failing in her devotion, she forces herself to look seaward one last time.

As if thrust upward from the depths of the ocean, the bow of a ship is poised between heaven and earth as it silently moves toward her.

Shaking uncontrollably, not from the cold, but from months of restrained emotions, she weeps at the return of her sailor.

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 5, 2014 at 7:02pm

Winter Eve

Through a window, the glitter of softly falling snow can be seen as firelight presses back the darkness. All has been said and done. The children have families of their own. The last day of work has come and gone, and the couple on the sofa, facing the warmth of a blazing log of hickory, snuggle together under an ancient quilt. Her head on his shoulder, his hand in hers, contentment settles across both of them as a lifetime of love binds them together. The smell of her hair and the softness of her touch still stirs, but this is not the moment for wanton passion. It is a moment to embrace her frail figure, silently expressing his joy for having her by his side.

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 3, 2014 at 6:07am

Late yesterday afternoon the skies really darkened and the wind began whipping the trees. It was when golden leaves flew by sideways that the scene impressed upon me the closeness of fall. Not many trees have turned color yet, I have two maple trees in my front yard that turn fiery gold and fluorescent orange each season, but they are still mostly summer green. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to dip into the high 30s which, with yesterday's rain, may trigger the change of season. We'll soon see.

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 2, 2014 at 7:15am

"Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.

Red sky toward night, sailor's delight."

Comment by Keith M Waugh on October 1, 2014 at 6:33pm

How much better can the weather get than here in Arkansas!? The windows are opened in the evening and stay open until nearly noon the following day. The birds and squirrels are out in force and very photogenic.

Comment by Keith M Waugh on September 26, 2014 at 10:06am

From the heart of the Ozarks, I send you greetings!

Comment by Pam Thornton on January 5, 2013 at 4:05am

This group seems inactive.  Is there any special purpose or do you just have to live in Arkansas?


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