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Youtube video card request, PLEASE!!!! (Using Festive Foliage stamp set)

Hi Gina,

I just purchased the gorgeous Festive Foliage stamp set and it came today.  It's beautiful and I love the detail.

Is there any way you could please do a video, using the Festive Foliage stamp set?  I know you probably have several projects already lined up; but if not now, maybe in the next few months? 

I'm not very good at figuring out (designing) my own cards.  I've made tons of your cards, from your youtube videos and they're always lovely.   :-)

Thank you so much!  (Fingers, nose, toes, eyes, arms and legs - all crossed)!  LOL

Beth Wilson

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Hi Beth, I searched on Pinterest and found some cards. If you click Here it will take you to the page. There are also other cards that weren't made with that set. I know it's not as good as a video but it might give you some ideas.

Look at These samples     For Festive Foliage

Also the gallery here has several images.  Here are several that are tagged:

If you search for just "festive" you will get over 300 and many are using the Festive Foliage set, just not tagged.

If you search Pinterest for Claire Brennan, Festive Foilage you will find several cards from the Blog hop. I was just curious as I have this set from my trip to the Christmas at the Villages event last year and have never used it. Will get it out for some of this years cards now! Thanks for the idea! Good luck!

You can do a card search in the gallery at StampTV.  In the search bar type in the stamp set name with no spaces between names.  They aren't videos but many ideas.

Beth, I will also mention this to Claire! She illustrated that set and has fabulous ideas! She makes great videos so I will ask her! XO

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