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Hi. I thought I would share a few tips on how to personalize your page here at stampTV. I know a lot of you have really customized your pages already, but this is pretty new to a lot of folks. Please feel free to add your own tips and link up your page as an example.

For starters, if you click on one of the main navigation links at the top of the page, that says "My Page,", you will be taken to a page that looks something like this...

This is your very own page and you can customize it to suit your own tastes. Most of the boxes on your page can move around.

Moving Your Boxes

To move any of the boxes on your page, just place your cursor over the heading of the box (the orange band). When you do this, you should see a little symbol with arrows pop up, like in the screen shot above. Once your cursor is in position, click and hold, then drag it to where you want it. Then just release the cursor and it should be in place. If you try to move it somewhere it can't go, it'll just bounce back to where it started and you can try again.

A lot of people like to have there photos at the top of the page, other like to have a welcome message. Just move things to where you want them. Some of the boxes can even go from the left column to the center, or from center to left.

If You Have a Blog
Do you see the box on the left that says "RSS"? For those of you that have blogs, that is where you can add your blog feed so that your posts show up here on stampTV.

Here is a close up of that box after I clicked on "edit." You just add your blog address to where it says "url." You can set it to do a full detailed view of your post, or just a title and you can set how many posts you want it to display. You can also change the title from "RSS" to whatever you would like. On my page, I changed the title to "My Blog - Crafting the Web," set it to display one full post and dragged the box to the center of my page. Visitors can follow the link to my blog if they want to read more.

Your Photo Display

Another thing you might want to do is upload your paper crafting photos. Any photos you add here will be displayed in your photo gallery on your page. As I mentioned before you can move this box up or down to where you would like to have it. You can also set it to display your photos as thumbnails, as a slide show or just show your albums. Go ahead and play around with it. You can always change it back.

Page Title

Does your page still say "Welcome, your name"? All you have to do to give your page a new title is just click anywhere on the welcome title and a blinking cursor should appear. Delete the existing wording and change it to whatever you would like. I'm not very creative and just call mine, "Theresa's Page," but I have seen some very creative titles in my wanderings.

The "My Blog" Box

So, did you know you got a blog when you signed up for stampTV? It's there for you to use if you would like. People that already have blogs, will probably not bother with this feature, but for those of you thinking about starting one, here is one all ready for you to play around with. Don't worry, you can practice without letting anybody see.

If you click on "edit" you can change the settings for how many posts you would like to display, etc.

To start, just click on "Add a blog post," and you should see something like the photo above. You type in the title of your post and then go ahead and say whatever you would like. There are some buttons to help you edit your post. These are pretty much that same as you see when you make a message in the forums.

The B will make your text bold. Type in your text and highlight with your cursor, the text you would like in bold and then click on the B.

The I will make your text italics. The U will underline your text. The S will create a stike though line in your text. These all work the same as the B. Just hightlight your test and then click on the symbol you want to use. When you do this, you will see the code, but if you look below your text box and click on "preview" you can check out how it is going to look.

The strange little symbol that looks like a chain link will turn your text into a link. This is how you can link to an interesting blog post you may have found, or a tutorial, template or whatever. Just highlight the text that you want to be the link, click on the symbol and a little box will appear asking for the url (web address) of the site you want to link to.

The little symbol that looks like a picture frame is for adding photos to your post. Clicking on that will cause a little box to pop up asking you to browse for a photo from your computer and for a link to a photo online.

The last little symbol looks like a piece of paper and is for uploading files to your post.

Toward the bottom of your blog post screen, you will see some more options. You can schedule you posts to be published on a certain day or time. You can set each post so that it can be viewed by anyone, just your friends, or just you.

You can also add tags (keywords), have comment moderation, select who can comment and the all important "preview." The preview button is my closest friend. Without it, I would be lost. You can save your post "as draft" and come back to work on it later. The "publish" button is the one that makes your post go live and show up on your page. Don't worry, if you selected the post to be visible only to you, it'll be hidden from any other viewers.

The Text Box

This box is for adding any personalized greeting, HTML, widgets or whatever. You can move it around like the other boxes and when you edit the text, you will have most of the same editing buttons as in a regular forum or blog post. A lot of people have moved this box to the top of their page and typed in a welcome message to their viewers.

Comment Wall

The comment wall is where viewers can leave messages for you. You can set it to show a certain number of messages and you can set it so that you have to approve messages before they are display. Keep in mind that if a person asks you a question on your wall, if you respond on your own wall, they are not likely to see it unless they come back and visit. You might want to reply to their wall and send them a message.

Latest Activity

This is just all the most recent activity that pertains to you. You comments on photos, other's comments on your photos, forums posts, etc. I moved this box to the left column on my page. to get it out of the way.

There is still a lot more to cover, but hopefully this will help some people get started. Sorry to be so long winded.

Please feel free to add any advice you have or post any questions. If you have customized your page, feel free to add a link here to show it off. If you really love your stampTV page, you can add it to your signature in other forums you visit. Just be sure to follow their rules regarding links in signatures.

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What an awesome tutorial Theresa! Thanks for explaining this to all of us! Woo-hoo!
Theresa - You rock! Now, can you add some tutorials on how to link to things? For instance, when I added my blog today to the blog list, how do you make it accessable as a link to others instead of an address that they have to type in their address box? Also, how to upload others' links (like the award I received and cannot upload). Thank you for all you do for us out here!!!

Hi Patti. To start, type in the text as you want it to appear and then highlight it with your cursor like I did in the photo above.

Next, click on the little chain link. It is between the S and the little photo icon. When you do that, a little window will pop up asking you for a url. That is where you type in the address of the site you want to link to. It already has "http://" typed in for you, so if you have copied the url with that included, you may need to delete that portion before you paste the url in the window. Then just click "OK."

After you have done that, you should have code that looks something like this. After you complete you reply, it should look the way you want.

Hope that helps. :)
Great tutorial! Thanks, now I can change my page title and I was wondering what that rss meant.
Theresa, you're a genius!!!

Thank you so much!
Oooo thank you Theresa! I gonna go move stuff around now, lol!
Theresa, thanks so much for this wonderful information. I redecorated my page this morning after reading your tips.
Great tutorial Theresa! How do I delete a box or section? I have RSS box (my blog) I think I already have that at the top of my page & a Text box at the bottom of my page that I don't need I think!
Rita, you can't delete it, but, unless your put something in the text box, your viewers shouldn't be able to see it. It'll just sit there and be available just in case you ever want to use it. Putting it at the bottom like you did is a good idea, to keep it out of your way.
Ok, thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Thanks for your comment too!
I've said it before Teresa and I'll keep shouting it to the world - YOU ROCK! I am a really tech saavy person for the most part (at least for Macs) but I could not for the life of me figure out how to move stuff around - I read your post - and voila! Got my stuff moved around much more to my liking! WOO HOO thank you, thank you, thank you. Hugs n SMILES :-)
I so appreciate all the info you've just given us. I'm not sure I'll do anything with it just yet but at least it gives me an idea of what 'it's' all about! Thank you for the clear instructions.

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