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Would like to be able to purchase extra pattern paper from the tv kits/ Also posted on Site Suggestions

I have already written directly to Stamp TV and they said they would forward the request to the manager but I thought if there were others out there that would like this ability too it would give them an idea if it would be worth it.  I would like to see the ability to be able to pick up extra packs of the pattern paper that comes in the stamp tv kits.  I usually make multiples of cards I like and end up using more of the paper. I can use other papers but Gina K's are so pretty!  We can buy the card stock why not her patterned paper?  Just a thought.



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Check on the link on the side of the page on the regular site.  There is a section for her paper

Thanks I know but I had posted that before she started selling it separately :-)


I love the stamp kits, I was able to buy extra paper, but not the coordinating ribbon. I love Ginak color coordinations.They are just work so perfectly together. Is there anyway to buy the ribbon that comes with the Stamp TV kit?.


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