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What type of work surface does everyone use?  It looks like Gina uses some sort of vinyl mat.

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I have a mat like a Ranger non stick mat to protect my work surface.  I also sometimes stamp on a mousepad or a piece of craft foam.

I use a self-healing cutting mat that's pretty heavy, but small (9x12).  Easy to clean, firm, but giving for stamping, and my heat gun won't melt it. :)

I have put some poster board on top of my desk, for spills and such.  I keep my Scor Pal on top of it too, with that lovely mat that comes with it!  I also have an old mouse pad (do they even make them anymore?) for when I am using my clear stamps, it gives it a nice cushion for a clean and crisp stamped image.  I never bought one of those craft mats, they're like $17...$18 bucks (I am a frugal crafter) but I have several plastic placemats, think of your Nanas.  :)

I have a rubber mat by Darice - about 9" x 12"  that I got when I took a brayering class several years ago. It gives a nice cushion whether I'm using wood or clear stamps. I don't think I've ever seen one for sale. I also keep several layers of misprinted paper on top of the mat for stamping off and to protect the mat from getting inky.  I'm wondering if a couple of layers of fun foam would make a good mat. I also have a Ranger non stick mat but don't use it much.

I have a "ranger like" mat but I bought it at Giant Tiger (discount store in Canada) it is for the bottom of the oven and it cost $3.00 and can take heat up to 500 degrees, way cheaper than the craft ones.  Yes, fun foam works I bought a large piece from Michaels for a dollar and cut it in two so it is about 6 x 8 and double thickness makes it perfect for stamping. 

Ooh Sharon...I'm on my way to The Tiger! I'll look for that mat. Great idea! I have the Ranger mat, but not as big as Gina's. Apparently, the big ones are no longer available. I've looked everywhere, so if anyone knows where a big one can be found.....but I WILL go to The Tiger.
I have the one by Scor-pal. They no longer make it but there might be some still available if you do an internet search.
I used one of Michael's 40% off coupons and splurged on the Ranger Mat. It really is great. I'm kind of messy, and everything cleans right away!

I use a 18"x15" mat I made myself from a thick brown packaging paper and clear vinyl contact paper.  Wipes up very easy and clean.  Doesn't stain and the heat from the heat gun (so far) has not affected it.  Cost just pennies compared to the mats on the market.  I made two (2) long enough to fit my work table to keep it clean when I have a group over for scrap nights.

Thanks for all of the suggestions!


i use my cutting mats and yes i have wondered what Gina uses it looks easy to clean. yours in card making

IHi!   I use a Ranger Craft Mat :D   

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