Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

I am new to GKD/STV.  I am also obsessed with looking at videos and products... to the tune of ignoring my family.  Is their any where on the site I can start a wish list?  That way I don't spent too many hours pouring over purchase options and technique videos again and again!   

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Ruby, no wish list option on STV. I use a note book beside my computer, then when ready to order, I have my list to pick and choose from. I also list the video or designer So can refer back to it.
Another idea for a wish list that I recently started using is to use Pinterest. Just pin the items in the store you are interested in to a single board, and then they will be all together when you need to make a decision on what to buy.

I agree, a wish list here would be easier and could also give Gina an idea of the items that people really want to buy but haven't yet.

I love Heidi's Pinterest idea.  Personally, I have a post it note that I add to, as well as a Google doc with a link to the item in the store.

For cards, and card videos, I always used the "like" button, then those wonderful things are all on my own page, for me to click on anytime I wish.

I've mentioned this before, but I keep my wish list in an excel spreadsheet. I place the item in one column, the cost in the next column and the date I added it to the wish list in a third column. Sometimes I make a note of why I added it to the wish list. Then when I place an order, I move down below the wish list and put the items that I'm planning to order. For right now the order I am planning to place Thursday has the kit, and other items from the wish list to make up a $75.00 order. If something's out of stock, I'll just choose something else from the wish list. It's worked well for me.

Welcome Ruby!  You have found a wonderful land.  

I have small notebook right next to my computer.  When I first found stamp TV I was watching 5 to 10 videos a night before I went to bed.  I would dream of ink and paper and hear Gina's voice in my sleep.  :)  I would and still do write down things that I want to buy and techniques that I want to try.  I love the Pinterest idea too!

I believe that I read somewhere that Gina will be adding a wish list soon

I have my wish list in a Journal type notebook. I have a place I keep track of the colors of ink pads I already have so I don't order duplicates and also an area where I can write down items I might run out of that I need to reorder. Because I'm fairly new to Stamp T.V my wish list primarily is one of everything(L.O.L) but I have ran out of the black card stock from the previous kit.

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