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Ok...this insomniac is wondering who the next Facebook Featured Gallery will be???? 

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Hmmmm......and when do I need to zip over to the Stv Talentscout page to find out??  I wanna know now while the rest of you all sleep away!!!  LOL

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Ooooh, can't wait to see! I know whoever it is will be fabulous!
Hhhmmm, I am still up and wondering myself.  Guess we will find out in the morning.  :o)
Hey're probably asleep now but everyone else can go check out the answer on the Stv Talentscout Facebook Page!  I'll post it again later to the Stamp TV FB page.
WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!! Congrat to.....YOU!   Ill leave it a secret so everybody can go look on the StampTV  Facebook page!  :D
Hey now, someone spill the beans!  Sorry to say, I don't do Facebook, and don't plan on it.  Would like to give them a ig congrats!  Teasers......
Ohhh I'll tell ya!! LOL. It's CHERI WESTON!!! What a great pick!!!! She's awesome!! CONGRATS Cheri!!!
Woo Hoo, WTG Cheri!  That is awesome!
YAY Cheri!!!  Big congrats!  You are SO deserving of this!
I just found this post!  Thank you all for the congrats!  I was shocked and so honored.

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