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help! I'm looking at FOUR...all full..and cant get one of them to work! anybody know how to get these babies working again?

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I have the same issue!!!  Bumping this up so I don't toss them out...ugh!
me three, I would luv to know the secret to keeping them in working condition.
Hmmmmmm........seems that we all have this issue......I wonder about somehow warming them up....would the liquid flow better and not gunk up as much??  Of course it would have to be with a heating pad or embossing gun as I sure wouldn't want to experiment and put one in the microwave!!!  Although my kids might!!!  LOL
You know what is funny?  It almost seems like a good one is a good one to the last drop, but if the pen struggles, it will struggle all the way through.  Right now I have a struggler, and it skips repeatedly.  Will keep an eye out here for solutions.
Hi, you all! I thought I would jump in here, I use Inkssentials and when it seems to get clogged I wipe the tip with alcohol and it works most of the time. Looking forward to more ideas.

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