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Let's talk tools. I have a few favorites that I can hardly make a card without! I would have to say one of the top few on my list is my Scor-pal.


Here's why:

  • I can get crisp fold lines, even with the thickest GKD Pure Luxury Card Stock.
  • I can created 3-D projects easily using the tutorials here at StampTV and on the Scor-pal website.
  • Because it's molded plastic, it's lightweight, acurate and easy to store.


So what is your go-to tool? I know you probably have more than one like I do, but let's keep sharing. As we read each other's ideas, I bet we'll find new ways to use tools we already have in our stash! Feel free to share a tip too!


Here's a quick tip for your Scor-pal. Mark the 4.25" mark on your large Scor-pal with a sharpie marker and you will always easily find that pefect score line for folding your A2 size cards in half.




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The tools that never leave my desk are:
Cuttlebug ( this includes my nestibilities, and folders all within reach)
guillotine cutter
fiskars cutter for the small stuff
tim holtz ruler
This is the short list. It could go on forever. I'm a tool addict. There are things I don't use as often but love having them there when I do need them.
Since so many of your list the ScorPal as something you can't live without, I have a question. I have been wanting to get one, but a woman on my msg board has one and she says the groove placement is very confusing. Did any of you find it confusing when you first got one, and other than what Gina has shown marking the 4 1/4 groove, are there any other tidbits you would like to share to make it less confusing. This is a question coming from someone who gets easily confused. LOLOLOL
I love tools ;),
number one Cuttlebug
number two nesties
number three scorepal
number 4 stamp a majig
number 5 copics
number 6 color pencils
number 7--- OH heck..
Hi-My name is Rebekka, and I am a tool junkie. :)
#1 has to be my Big Shot. (plus embossing folders, nesties etc)
#2 my crafter's companion embossing/scoreboard
#3 heat gun
#4 watercolour pencils (I have a set of 72 Derwents)
#5 any and all of my corner punches

I had to move out of my craft room when my daughter decided to move home so now finding all of my favourites isn't as easy as it used to be lol.
I'd have to say Scor Pal and Nestabilities and of course my Big Shot!!
I got myself an Easter present - my ScorPal is home at last and you are all right - I love it!!!

Miesje Flach said:
I think that the Scor-Pal will be on my birthday wish list. For now I think it is my Cuttlebug for my Nesties and the embossing folders.
Um - there are LOTS of different Guillotine Paper cutters on the web - which one do you use and where did you get it?

Melissa said:
I don't think I can narrow it down to one. But here is my top five tools I don't want to live without.

Tonic Guillotine Paper Cutter (best cutter I've owned so far)

Tonic Scissors (I use these to cut ribbon and rubber. What more can a girl want?)

Big Kick with Nestabilitie Dies and CB Embossing Folders (I'm counting this as one. :o) I use Nestabilitie dies for almost every project. And I love the embossing folders they add so much to a project for a small amount of money. And I could not use either without the Big Kick)

Scor Tape (I use this adhesive for 95% of my projects)

Copic Markers (Can't live without them, I love to color. Always have and always will)

I can't wait to see the responses from everyone else.
I would list my Scor-Pal and Scor-Mat at the top of my list but then comes my CB with Nesties, dies and Embossing folders.
Dear Hubby recently purchased me my first Guillotine Cutter by X-Acto in the 12X15 size - it is great so it is at the top of my list also. These are my tools I use everyday and love.

follow the directions for a WAFER die on the platform
I did this all on my own soon after I got it...thinking i was a smartie (hee hee). It drove me mad that a mark wasn't already there for something that is used every time for an A2.
Well I know this response is late but my 4 favorite tools to use are:

Big Shot w/Nestabilities ( I have been in love w/my Big Shot since about 2004 - just can't live without!)




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