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What to do with wooden blocks after removing stamps to EZ mount?

What do you all do with the wooden blocks after you remove stamps and mount on EZ mount?,

to use as clear stamps on acrylic blocks. I hate to throw them away.  thanks for answering.

I love Gina's idea. never thought of camping fires. good idea.

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Here is a link to a blog post where I made a Christmas gift from wooden blocks.

Here is a link to Melisa Waldorf's blog; scroll down till you see the tower of inchies, using wooden blocks.

(click on the words "here")


I have heard of people using them for kindling, making alphabet blocks for children to play with, selling them on ebay or trading them to people for other crafting supplies.  I have a bad back and could not even lift the five boxes of them that I had to bring them to schools and see if some kindergarden teachers could use them for building in the play area or use the little ones to help kids learn their elementary math skills.  We had a yard sale recently, since they weren't selling at a penny a block, I just started asking everyone who came by if they worked in an elementary school or a day care center and had two different folks take 3 of the five boxes away.  My husband drove the other 2 to Goodwill, not sure if they will have a use for them or not, but I hate the thought of wasting perfectly good maple (isn't that what they are made of?) wooden blocks.
I covered them on the back (where the stamp was) with bits of Pattern Paper scraps...have a HUGE basket of them which my Daycare kids play with.....don't through them out LOL...The pack-rat in me would not permit me to do that.

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