Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Was is it? and how do you do the process? I have checked all over the stamptv listings and can't find any information. Maybe it is spelled wrong? thank you for taking the time to answer.

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Pattie it is painting for want of a better word, with a hot iron and wax, shame you are so far away I an demonstrating it on the 8th of next month

Dear Patty,   It is a process where you use an iron and crayons. There are several good video's on youtube on this.


Just put the inquiry in the top box, and it will send you to the video's. It looks like fun, and there are amazing results.


There is even one instructional video from start to finish. Hope this helps.                     

Thanks for the info Judy & Alex....I had never heard of this and I'm so glad Pattie asked the question. I went on You Tube and watched some videos. What a neat technique that could be incorporated into our card making and scrapbooking!
thank you Alex and Judy, for the information . It really looks like a neat process. Not sure though if I would do that. but all the new information is good to have, as we learn, and explore new ideas. thanks again.

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