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I am looking for a new way to clean my stamps. I currently use Stampin' Up's Stampin' Scrub. The cleaning mist is fine. What I don't like is the black that comes off and trying to rinse the ink out of the pads when they are full of ink. Any ideas? Thanks, everyone.

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Yay for generic baby wipes (no alcohol, nondrying and gentle). If I buy used ones and they are not clean, I spray with Ultra Clean and let it sit upside down for a while (on old dish) and wait about 15 min or so. I use my trusty old stamp cleaning toothbrush can help me get it clean. Rinse and dry well = very clean.

Hey Rosie.  I use the copycat of SU's cleaner and it lasts forever.  Only thing is that next batch won't mix the blend with the 4 parts water all at once.  Needed two huge jars to put it in until getting to it.  Will dilute a bottle at a time.  Works great. 

Since I have lots of kids running around the house, the first thing I reach for are baby wipes!  I don't clean my stamps everytime I use them, just stamp them several times on my scratch paper to get the excess ink off and put them away.  My mom gave some of her stamps that had a lot of ink built up on them, so I just used an old toothbrush that I keep for cleaning and used that to scrub out the detailed areas.

Baby Wipes - alcohol free, fragrance free. Quick, easy and eases my mind because I too feel compelled to clean after I stamp.

I have a set up of a large kitchen sponge (the really big one - probably 6x3x1-1/2"). I wet that and wring it out so it's not dripping wet. I put several baby wipes on top of it. (The wet sponge keeps the baby wipes damp). I have one of those fuzzy stamp cleaners which has one plain, plastic side and one fuzzy side (not SU). The sponge and baby wipes sit on the side that isn't fuzzy. The other side is the fuzzy part. I stamp off excess ink on scrap paper, then rub the stamp on the baby wipes (you can remove the top baby wipe as it gets too dirty to use). A final rub through the fuzzy part reveals one clean stamp. Once a year or so, I give the fuzzy side a spray of Clorox Cleanup, let it set a few minutes, then rinse with hot water. The baby wipes don't damage the stamps, and your stamps are clean and ready to use each and every time.

I use the scrubber when I am trying to get the thick pigment dyes off, but I use Fabuloso diluted (sort of like simple green) and tap off on a paper towel. I occasionally take out the scribber pad and wash it in the sink and let it dry to get off the residue, then re-use.

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