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I am looking for a new way to clean my stamps. I currently use Stampin' Up's Stampin' Scrub. The cleaning mist is fine. What I don't like is the black that comes off and trying to rinse the ink out of the pads when they are full of ink. Any ideas? Thanks, everyone.

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I use CLEAR windex and spray on a paper towel which I place in a alumunium pie pan.  I stamp the stamp on the paper towel until it stamps clear.  Cheap and does not damage rubber.  Baby wipes are good too.

Check out Ranger and they have a spray for the rubber and the clear stamps  I used the wipes but found it built up around the edges of the details, so switched to cleaners.  Buying a large bottle for peanuts is good because we really want our stamps to last.  I do have a supposedly completely environmentally friendly cleaner that i may try on older stamps that are seldom used .  Just stamp out on paper and clean for a while and see what happens.  If nothing will post if my short memory reminds me.  

They also have the red tape that Gina does not sell.   Why pay full price girls if it is not here for us,  I respect Gina K immensely and will purchase what she has, but if not here, go for it.

You can make your own copy cat version of SU's cleaner very easily. 

2 Cups distilled water
  2 T Rose Water (purchased at health store or I got some on Amazon)
1 T Baby wash (I used a generic brand)

Mix and store.  When ready to use, dilute it.  When I was an SU demo at convention I was told to dilute it 4 parts water to 1 part cleaner.  It should NOT get soapy when you use it.  You will probably get 2 gallons or more cleaner when you buy this stuff.  It will last a LONG time

I heard that if you use the wipes just make sure they don't have alcohol because that will dry out the rubber

I like cleaning off my stamps but occassionally will get sidetracked and forget to clean them but find that they will come clean the next time I go after them 

found a recipe for cleaner that was on a site I go to, could have been scs even.


2 cups of distilled water

2 tablespoons of rosewater

1 tablespoon of baby wash (cheap is ok)


mix 4 - 1  for cleaning the stamps.   They say it works, so am just trying to get the rosewater, and going to use.  10+ bucks a bottle is too much if you use a lot of it just to say you use a certain brand as far as this person is concerned.  That money could go on stock or stamps.   You know, the important stuff :)

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!  All  of you DIRTY stampers you!! 


I use the baby wipes too, same as Melissa, the huggies  natural care.  I can get most of the Stayz On ink off with that too if I wipe it right away...and i mean like not waiting for 5 minutes...not DAYS....*faints*
Tami Mayberry said:

I don't clean mine either. Most of the time I use black ink so I do like Theresa, stamp them a few times to get the excess off and put them away. If I do want to use a non black color I clean them with baby wipes. I figure if that doesn't get it off then it most likely won't come off on the ink pad either lol

I have a recipe I found on youtube for a stamp cleaner. you need a empty water bottle, 8oz. glycerine-found at walmart in the bandaid section, distilled water, baby shampoo.


take the water bottle, add 2 Tablespoons of Glycerine to the empty bottle. Squeeze 1 good squeeze of shampoo in the bottle. add water to almost the top. put top on. shake up. put in squirt bottles. then you're done. I use this and it lasts for a long time.

I use baby wipes on my stamps, to clean grease off of my rangehood exhaust fan, to wipe down my bathroom sink and when the kids stand still for two minutes they get wiped as wipes!

I read a few ladies say they use the bleach bathroom cleaner etc.. to clean their stamps... My questions to them is, wont the bleach in that over time breake down the rubber of the tamp and distort the image later??? It cant be agood thing to clean the rubber stamps with bleach even though you wipe it off. It just puts me in mind of the drag racers and how they dowse the tires with bleach just before a burn out on the track to make all that white smoke. That does make the tire rubber all sticky and ruined.....Just a thought,  I dont think I will try the bleach idea, I think I will just stick to cleaning mine with the SU Spray and srub pad.

I use baby wipes without alcohol. If I have stubborn stains I clean with stazon ink cleaner.  I don't clean my everytime I use them maybe every other time. 

Baby wipes is the best, I think.

I agree with Pamela and Patti, I think maybe I will either stick with the baby wipe idea or the stamp cleaner sprays especially for rubber stamps, I know for me its the cost thing and its hard enough to get the stamps we like but then to have them ruined by a cleaning process, who can afford to purchase thses over and over due to the cleaner ive used. 

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