Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

Start HERE:


Leave comments along the way to be entered to win!!! Details on the post!

Good luck!

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Congrats Gina on Stamp TV's 1st birthday!!!!
Surprise Gina!!!!! Happy Birthday to Stamp TV!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STV! Gina SURPRISE TO YOU!!! Enjoy the hop in your honor!!
wow - this was really great! a wonderful tribute and thank you to Gina - we love STV! and just look at the first year - cant wait to see what year 2 brings!
Just finished hopping. The cards were fabulous. I enjoyed hopping and leaving comments for everyone. Makes me proud to be a part of the wonderful community.
Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!! We pulled it off!!!! Surprise Gina!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Cammie!!!!!!!!!! Smiley from
Concrats Gina with Stamp TV's very first birthday and I hope that many more birthdays will come!
I just finished he bloghopping and am amazed about all the work!FDabulous pieces I have seen and made me also realize what a chaotic and messy crafter I am....
O well, I'm having fun,thats the important bit hehe!
I wish all other hoppers a nice weekend!
Congrats Gina! I am so pleased to have been here almost from the start. It has been a wonderful year of making friends and beautiful creations. Thank you for everything and a big Birthday hug!
Congratulations Gina. I just love stamptv.
Happy 1st B-Day Stamp TV! and YES I would be honored to win the newest Stamp TV kit! Please? :)
Phew! That was a lot of blogs but what great creations!
Wipe those happy tears away Gina! You have done a great job and in the short amount of time since I have joined, I have learned so much!!! Happy birthday Stamp TV and Thank you Gina!!!!


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