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I ordered the wreath builder bundle and didn't get the two circle dies that were supposed to be included  I also bought a stamp and a set of ink spots totaling 86.85 on May 7th 2018.  When trying to inquire about the order, I was told I didn't have an account with you and went through a rigorous step by step procedure to finally get to this point and now I find there is no history of my order. I am finally a member of this account.  I have been buying Gina K products for years and was shocked to find I wasn't listed. I just wanted to get an itemized list of my order. Also, it stated that the order was charged to a Villiage, Paper, Ink business and yet it sent me here, where as I have stated previously, I thought I was already a customer with an account and password.Sincerely, Lindsey Sperry

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Hiya Lindsey!  Not quite sure what all is going on and you are asking...But one thing, did you call the store yet?  Ill see if we can get someone on this too.  But Gina and all will make it right and figure it out!  Never worry about that!

Hi Lindsey,
StampTV and Gina K. Designs are two different websites. If you call the store, they can help you- 1-844-358-1447. Also, we retired the wreath builder kit, which was $45 way back but if you purchased the wreath builder bundle, it would have had the stamp set and the two templates inside. No dies. That was a limited time kit and once it sold out, we didn't replenish it however, the bundle was available on the date you placed your order.
I hope that helps.

I have experience not having history on one of my orders.   You have to make sure you are signed into the Gina K sight before completing your order.

Well who is Villiage paper ink then? I am totally confused. That is who charged my credit card and yet when I tried to access the account I get you and no site for history and a message stating I am not recognized and had to start all over again just to get here. My Mother and I have been shopping and buying Gina K supplies for years each with our own email and password, now all of a sudden it's three different sites and companies very confusing  I spent over $85 and was frustrated to find that the kit I ordered wasn't the kit advertised. I understand now. I am still confused as to what company is Villiage Paper Ink, Is there any affiliation to Gina K or Stamp TV ? I watched the video advertising the wreath builder with Gina so please tell me what company she is with  before I place any future orders.   Lindsey

Lindsey, Village Paper and Ink is Gina's physical store.  That is where her warehouse is and orders are put together and shipped from.  When you place your order at Gina's online store, it will come from that address and your credit card will be charged with Village Paper and Ink a the name of the company.  You will get a printed copy of your order and it will be signed or initialed by two people.  One will pack the order and the other will check to make sure everything ordered is correct.  I hope this helps you a little bit.  You should have received an online invoice showing everything you ordered.  If you save your e-mails, you may still have this invoice and it will definitely show what was ordered and packed.  The printed invoice is the same as the online one.

Lindsey, don't fret.....Gina will clear up any misunderstandings and make it right. She is loyal to her customers.

Thank you Marianne, Like I stated earlier, Lindsey, please contact customer service and they can help you- 1-844-358-1447. Village Paper and Ink is our brick and mortar store. StampTV is a different site than our shopping site. If you aren't signed in at when you place the order, it won't show up in your history. You may have been signed into StampTV but not Gina K. Designs. Again, if you call our customer service department, they will MORE than happy to help you. 

Marianne said:

Lindsey, don't fret.....Gina will clear up any misunderstandings and make it right. She is loyal to her customers.

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