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I am so new to card making ..especially stamping 

my problem is soap and water ,,,cleaning solution works well for cleaning off inks but when I use the versa mark my stamps remain sticky ...what am I doing wrong....

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I think Versamark remains on a lot of my stamps after cleaning, but it does not interfere with my next stamping project.  If you are concerned, you can clean them with Gina's cleanser.  It works quite well.  I was just reading how other people clean the Versamark from their stamps after it has built up, and they like gentle shampoo and a toothbrush.  They scrub the stamp with the toothbrush to get the build up of Versamark off.  I use Versamark a lot and basically just clean my stamp with water and a piece of an absorber, like Gina's Tidy Towel without the texture.

Versamark comes off for me if I clean it right away with a baby wipe, but if I let it dry on the stamps, sometimes it does stay on.  I don’t think it affects stamping though.  I believe it has glycerin in it which is supposed to be good for rubber stamps to keep them conditioned.  

My older versamark pad leaves my stamps cloudy and sticky. The newer stamp pad I have the ink come off better when I clean it right away.   I saw where Gina said in her video she uses a drop of dawn and a toothbrush to scrub your stamp. I plan to use a soft toothbrush, dawn and warm water to rinse it all off.

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