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Hello, Hello, Hello wonderful STV Members!!!  Just posting some information on tagging..........some you'll already know perhaps and some are some new changes.

The tags themselves will be typed the same, all in one "smooshed together" word.  LOL  (ie: gkd
or autumnsplendor).

Just use the first names of the illustrators of each stamp set you use, even if it's just a sentiment
from one of the sets.  (ie: gina)


If you use any image or sentiment from any of the Stamp TV Kits then you can also add this tag...... stvkit.

We also will use tags for the GKD exclusive for example if you used the Blizzard paper you would use the tag  blizzarddp.

For challenges here on STV use the same format.  (ie: stvsketchgk1)


The "GKD" tag will be used only on cards/projects that are exclusively Gina K. Designs.  The GKD gallery is meant to showcase only Gina K. so we want to keep it easy to search
through for the members who would like to browse all GKD images and
sentiments.  If you have combined Gina K. stamps with other stamps (which is just fine and fun to see!!!!) please still use the illustrator or artist name and the name of the stamp, just don't add the GKD tag.


If you've used Pure Luxury cardstock or GKD ribbon, you can include those details in the description when you upload your photo, but we won't have actual tags for those types of items.


If you'd like to keep your photos
organized, you can use "Albums", that will show up for your groupings
but not like the tags.  It's a simple way to see at a glance what's in
your own gallery  So if you'd like to tag your cards with your name, the
Album is the place to do it and not the actual tags.  You can have as
many albums as you'd like I believe!  LOL

We're keeping our tags relevant to Stamp TV.  When the tags are clicked on, anything that carries that tag will pop up in a separate "gallery".  So we are removing tags from other companies and things like that.  Any stamped project is welcome in our galleries, but we don't feel the need to have specific galleries for non GKD items.  Same thing with outside are absolutely welcome to upload here for outside challenges and even combine an STV challenge with an outside challenge, but we won't have separate tags for those outside challenges.

Also for simplicity's sake we're removing some tags that describe techniques, supplies, etc.  These are so numerous and with so many various possibilities it's just time-consuming to attempt to cover them all.  Feel free to include any info in your description about techniques and supplies however!!  But also use tags you think fit really well and most likely we'll appreciate them!  We do want members to be able to search using the more common tags when wanting ideas or inspiration!!

We will have tags for these....for now these are tags for techniques, etc that we would like to see used,although this is a work in progress and we will be adding more:  CAS, masculine, christmas, halloween, easter, valentines, thanksgiving, birthday

Just no outside links to commercial blogs or stores please.

Now please do NOT feel overwhelmed!!  Ning has recently upgraded and allow the Admin to edit the tags that are already in place along with adding tags.  The Moderators are working through the gallery on past uploads slowly, and are keeping up with tagging current do NOT feel like you have to stress about that!  If you like to tag your photos then this is the guideline, but the Mods will add tags to photos that need it.  That's kinda one of our "jobs"!!!!   =)  So if you notice some of your tags disappearing or changing don't worry!!!

If there are any changes or additions we'll edit this discussion and bump it up to let everyone know!!!  Thanks so much for all your participation and for sharing your FABULOUS eye candy that make the  Stamp TV Gallery truly stunning!!!!!

Please feel free to ask questions in this thread also!!

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Our Mods are FABULOUS! Thanks for keeping STV tiddy, Lee! :)
Thank you Lee! I was wondering if we could have a tagging tutorial! I will start tagging Gina's sets, too. don't know why I wasn't doing that!
Well I'm thinking you all will be busy.....back tagging - WOW! I love tags it is so nice to have something "all together" - thanks for all the mods work to get it consistent~~
Lee is our OCD mod, but we love her! :D LOL!
Hahahaha Cat!! True, so true!!! And yes it will take some time, so the gallery tagging is really a work in progress!! LOL
Thanks Lee!
And a terrific job you "mods" do too! That is very easy to understand - good job Lee!
Hello Lee,

I've never submitted any of my cards for a challenge before and I am a bit confused. I would like to submit a card for this week's challenge. Do we add our photo to our own album first (with the proper tag for the sketch), or is there another place on the site to send it.

Sandy Hoy
Hi Sandy.....any uploads to "albums" you create will also show up in the main gallery....the albums are just for organizing. All you need is the challenge tag for the hostess to find all the participants and for the mods to draw winners! I can't wait to see your creations!!
Just found this... thanks for the info.
Does the elimination of technique tags include CAS cards?
Yes Jen....we aren't putting CAS on cards. We're just trying to keep it very simple and streamlined.

Lee Murphy said:
Yes Jen....we aren't putting CAS on cards. We're just trying to keep it very simple and streamlined.

Wow... thanks for the quick answer. :)
Since I have an album for CAS cards, I think I'm all set without the tag. ;)

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