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Update#20 on 4/3/11 Praise.....12#...#5..#1 2/22Urgent Prayer Request

Update #20 4/3/2011 God is good! 
I talked to Josh & Rach this evening.  Rach said that when the surgeon  checked her back on April 1, he said she  looked good, her back looked good after the wound vac was removed, the lab results were sign of infection.  So Rach said Great, will you release us to go home...we can do what's needed there....he said ok and  they got out of Dodge (Dallas).  They made it home safely and Minnie is loving being at home (Rach too!)  Minnie's appetite is much improved already with home cooking! 

Minnie is wearing a brace for another month to give all the bones that were operated on time to heal.....some will be naturally fusing during this time period.  She is walking and when she tires, she uses the wheelchair.  She is gaining strength day by day.  She still has nerve pains.  She is a very determined young lady!

She got to go to her brother, Tyler's football game Saturday & got to see him make his first touchdown...he caught the pass!  Yeah Tyler!  Rach was so glad she got to be there for this milestone for Ty!

Minnie's doctor in Austin will remove stitches in 2 weeks and then they will be going back up to Dallas for a recheck with her surgeon in a month.

God is Good!  Thank you all for your prayers and I would appreciate continued prayers for continued healing & protection for Minnie & the whole family!



Update # 19 4-1-2011 Yahoo Praise God Minnie & Rach are on their way home from the hospital!!!!  I don't have any details right now, will give at least one more update! :-)


Update #18 3-31-2011 Minnie had her closing surgery and did well!  So far so GOOD....Not seeing any recurance of infection.  That is still our prayer, since infection has often been the problem with Minnie's surgeries.  Thank you for all your prayers.


UPDATE #17 3/22/2011  Rach's latest update on her  blog 

Here's what she said:

We are so blessed.  The  out pouring of blessings have been so sweet and tender. I am so thankful and touched.  My heart's wish is that the blessings that have been given to us will be given back to you and yours in ten fold.  I will never be able to properly express my gratitude and for that I am so sorry it does not reflect the true magnitude of my thankfulness.

Minnie is going in for number 61 at 11 am.. the hope is to close her up.  Please pray they can,  if they do it is one step closer to home! She is having a hard time each time emotionally going in, this has been a long road.

I will up date after she gets out in the am.



Thank you for all your concern & prayers for Minnie!  Thanks Lagene


UPDATE #16  3/21/2011   I just talked to Minnie this afternoon.  She had her wound treatment surgery this morning and at 7pm TX time she called me...saying she was doing fine!  In fact she couldn't talk long because someone came to get her to go to the craft room for a project!   Surgeon took a muscle biopsy for a culture to make sure the infection is totally gone.  It will take 48 hours for results.  If all is well, they may be able to finish closing up her back on Wednesday...  We're Still praying for complete eradication of the infection and for healing of the muscles, wound, skin, and for her digestive tract to settle and for weight gain instead of loss.  God is faithful!


UPDATE #15 3/17/2011 Minnie had another wound care operation today, she is doing well...... 2 encouraging posts on family blog:  and   She will go in to surgeryt again on Monday, Thanks for prayers!


UPDATE #14 3/13/2011  Minnie says  "Hi, my name is Minnie and I want to thank you for posting all those prayers on my family's blogI'm feeling a lot better since my surgery and I hope I'll get to hear from you"  (Transcript of her little video on their family blog)

Thank you all for your prayers, she goes to surgery tomarow for wound care.


UPDATE #13 3/12/2011  Our girl is doing  better each day...Still having headaches...going back to surgery on Monday 3/14 for wound care....I'm hoping and praying that docs are amazed even more on Monday about her progress, It was so encouraging to me to hear about their amazement on 3/10.  God is answering prayers!!!!    She needs prayer for her digestion also.  See Rachel's Blog update:


UPDATE #12 3/10/2011  A ray of hope!!!!    See Josh's  latest post:


UPDATE #11 3/9/2011  Things are very much the same for my son's blog update last night        You may view the latest post at

Thanks for your concern and continued prayers!

UPDATE #10 3/7/2011 Minnie was taken to surgery today & they opened the length of her back & irrigated with antibiotics & are not closing the wound because they will be irrigating every 3 days hoping to  irradicate the bacteria!   Please pray

"Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should
always pray and not give up." Luke 18:1


Update #9 3/5/2011  Here is a link to Rach's last blog post

Update #8 3/4/2011 @2030 TX time

The fluid was drained from her back yesterday and it was full of gram neg. bacteria!  She is on 2 antibiotics.  She spiked a fever 4 hrs. after surgery & still has a fever!  The tissue along the long incision on her back is showing signs of necrosis(dying tissue)  Minnie's left leg, foot don't seem to be getting signals from her brain to move when she wants to.  She has had a severe headache for 40 hours.  And she is barely eating!   She is very discouraged.   Please Please Please Pray  for her!!!  This mema's heart is breaking for her!


Update #7 3/3/2011 @11:30 TX time

Message from Rach:     "minnie's going in to surgery at 1:00pm... start praying, daddy's not here and we both want him... This should be a quick surgery and she should feel much better after!"

Update #6 3/2/2011

They removed Minnie's halo on 2/28.

They put off draining Minnie's back & unless there is a miracle tonight, she will have to go to operating room tomarow to have fluid drained form her back at the site where the tissue expander was...fluid has been collecting and is not dissipating on its own.  Minnie has been very tearful & discouraged, but tonight when I talked to Dad, He said she is doing a little better emotionally because she can see that she is making some progress, (after all she couldn't move her legs the first day after surgery, only wiggle her toes)  She can move her legs when in bed, but can Not bear any weight with them.  Just sitting up is a major feat for her and she is exhausted!  Therapy exercises - -  totally exhausting, Getting up with support & help to move a couple of steps with help is exhausting!  She needs fresh assurance of God's love & His faithfulness  to be with her and help her heal!  Please pray for healing, strength and for peace and assurance for her and her family too.  Thank you so much!


UPDATE #5 2/27/2011

I just got this info from Rach:  Please pray, her back has been filling up with fluid. The doc's are going to have to take her in and drain off the fluid in the morning so her incisions do not open up... Prayers.... that all...

This was a picture earlier today with the caption She is giving it her best! (Doing her exercises)

Thanks for continuing to pray...Minnie has a long way to go. Thanks from her Mema!


UPDATE #4 2/25/2011

I just talked to Josh and he said Minnie had a better day today.  Yesterday she couldn't lift her legs 1/2 inch off the bed, but today she could lift them a couple of inches and bring her knees up toward her body with feet resting on the bed. (however she couldn't keep her knees straight up, they flopped to the side, BUT THIS IS STILL PROGRESS!  The physical therapist works with her multiple times a day, they do a lot of therapy while she is in bed and they got her up to sit in the wheel chair & she was attached to the halo traction (Traction just to help support some of her weight, not to st*retch at all)  She was up about 4 times today and of course each event is totally exhausting, no matter how short the event.  Minnie was a little encouraged today because she could see that she can raise her legs a little more.  One of her feet still has an involuntary tapping.

   I just have to share this:  The first night after the surgery, before Josh & Ty left to go back to the Ronald McDonald house to sleep, they gathered around Minnie to take turns praying for her.....Josh said he didn't expect it, but Minnie started to pray & prayed for her brother Ty and asked that he would have a good night's heart just melted when Josh told me that.   

     Please continue to pray for her nerves to heal and for strength & continued freedom from infection.

   Thank you so much my StampTv friends!





2/23/2011 @ 9:30 TX time.  I just talked to Josh and he showed me that his last post was actually in the comment section on the post "She's out" he was too tired to start another post.  I'll just copy it here:

Just a quick note. Minnie has been resting most of the day. When she’s up, she’s very articulate, and lets us know what she wants. Most of the time, she’s asking for food. Poor thing is starving, and no one wants to feed her yet! We’re hoping to get the NPO order cleared soon. She’s been having some ‘tingling’ feeling in her legs, which as the day has progressed has been less and less of her legs. Also, one of her feet is tapping involuntarily, which is very disconcerting for her. They just gave her an infusion of plasma due to the blood loss coming through the chest tube (they opted for plasma over blood because her blood counts all look really good still). Nursing staff is doing an awesome job making sure she’s shifted regularly.

Day one is almost over, I’m hoping she has a good night tonight.

When I just talked to him, he said they have Ok'd her to eat, but she is sleeping right now.  Josh & Ty were able to sleep in this morning and later in the day Rach traded places with Josh and he is with Minnie & Rach is sleeping at the Ronald McDonald House where Josh & Ty are staying across the street from the hospital.  I am so glad she has been able to get some rest!!!  We would appreciate continued prayer for Minnie's spinal cord, strength, freedom from infection and sweet peace from her LORD.  
Thank you so much! 
Your StampTv Friend



2/22/2011 @ 1040 TX time we got a call from Rach with news that Minnie is out of surgery and is talking.  There is a concern....during the surgery there was a lapse of 2 hours where the monitoring devise lost any response for signals from the spinal cord to her limbs...then the signals started again.  The surgeon isn't sure why.  He said she may be able to walk next week or it may take her 3 months to regain strength in her legs. To read my son's explanation go to their blog HERE.

Please Pray for God to heal her spinal cord, and for protection on cord from swelling, and protection from infection.  I want to thank you all so much for continuing to lift Minnie up to God our Healer in your earnest prayers!  Proverbs 15:29 The LORD is far from the wicked, But He hears the prayer of the righteous.   and    Isiah 40:31 Those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength:  They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.  I pray for God to give Minnie strength. 

Thank you




2/22/2011 @ 3:50 pm Oregon time....I just got an update on Minnie. She is doing well & has at least 4 more hours of surgery!  So Now we need more prayer.  Since the surgeon has been in surgery with Minnie since 9 am Texas time, that's 9 hours up to this point....PLEASE PRAY for the SURGEON & OPERATING TEAM especially for STAMINA, STRENGTH, ENERGY, STEADY HANDS & NERVES, CLEAR THINKING!  They have to be tired and the surgeon's comment was we have all night if needed to get this done for Minnie.  Josh & Rach are getting updates every 2 hours.  She just now got her first transfusion, so she has done well in not loosing too much blood so far.  Praise God!  I will update again when I can.   Thanks so much for continuing to pray!  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO TOLD ME YOU ARE PRAYING! GOD IS MINNIE'S HOPE!

Your StampTV Friend




My grand daughter Minnie who is 9 years old will be going into surgery early tomarrow morning (Feb 22, 2011)! This will be Surgery #53 (counting all the times she has gone under anesthesia for surgeries & pic line placements & G-Tube placements etc etc) This should be the definitive surgery where fusing and bone grafting & rod placements will take place in her back.  It is supposed to last 14 hours.  My daughter-in-law and son wrote on their blog requesting prayer..see here.
    I know some of you are prayer warriors and I ask for a blanket of prayers to cover Minnie & Surgeons, Anesthesiologist & Surgical Nurses and all assistants and for Rach, Josh & Ty (mom,dad,brother).  Thank you

Your StampTV Friend


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So glad to hear she was able to go home! That seems to help lots of people heal faster just being around their own things! Continued prayers for her!
Praise God. This is great news. I will keep her in my prayers.

Great news, Legene, glad to hear that Minnie’s back at home now. Will continue praying for her healing process. May God bless us all!!

AWESOME NEWS!  I am glad things are finally going well with her recovery and she is home.  Will still continue to pray for continued healing and strength.  :)
I have been gone for a week Lagene so I just read your update. WONDERFUL NEWS! Yes, God is good and has heard all the prayers for your sweet Minnie. May she and the rest of your family continue the recovery of strength & good health.

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