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Update on Yearly MIUM Challenge 2017!! *new date for winner drawing!

Hey Y'all!  Weellll, I'm making a list and checking it twice....wait, thats another person...haha!  Im checking the list MORE than twice!  ha! 

As this year closes, so does our 2017 MIUM challenges!  The last one is due by 8PM CST today (for the drawing for the weekly prize).  THEN, its time to make sure all your entries are done!  I will be giving an extra week and a half (due date will be January 10th!!)  before drawing of the yearly MIUM winner.  This gives you time to check and make sure you have done all of the entries and tagged right and all.  Im still working on the list.  I have to make sure all use GKD and follow the rules of the challenge and such.  Which does take me a bit of time.  We do have several that have finished ALL of the challenges!  Woohooo!! 

Sooo, After 8PM CST today, the MIUMs will be closed for 2017.  The FINAL due date for the Yearly MIUM challenge is......

January 10th, 2018

The winner will receive a $100 Gift certificate to shop at Gina K. Designs!! :D  And I will draw for the winner on ............January 14th, 2018.

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!! Thanks Cat for all the work on this and for all fun challenges this last year. I think I have all of them in except this weeks ! Been so crazy haven’t been able try to make one but hopefully sometime this week I will get one made. Thanks to all for sharing all your beautiful art!

I was wondering if you would be willing to post a list of those that finished the challenge so that we know that you got all our entries. 

You are correct!  It started with the 6th challenge and it was on Feb. 6th too!  :D  You are good to go!

Julie Kae Stieber said:

I posted my last card yesterday.  Hopefully, all my cards were done according to the challenges. Thank you for all your work Cat. I would like some clarification, though. This starts with the sixth challenge of the year, right? I didn't do challenges 1-5 because I didn't have time, but I'd like make sure I didn't miss anything. My first challenge of the year had the tag STV17MON6.  I hope that's where I was supposed to start.

Well said.  I agree

lovinpaper said:

Thank You!  Cat, this has been an exciting year for the challenges.  I have loved seeing all of the many cards created and have loved the creativity.  Whoever wins will be blessed, but everyone is a winner for taking the time to participate and share.

Generous prize and some wonderful people who keep working in spite of vacations. Thanks for all you do and I hope that 2018 is awesome. Also hope that your family get healthy once more. 

Thanks Cat all all your hard work ! Happy New Year!!!

Just checked if I had put the tags on my card correctly so fixed #8 and #14 . Lol, I probably had a brain fart. Thanks Cat so blessed to be surrounded by so many talented card makers looking back is so amazing , it truly was a great year !!! Hugs to all!

Yes, y'all be sure and check your tags!  At this stage, im checking over ones that have completed all challenges, making sure all GKD was used mainly.  I will try and get a list up of what I have that have completed on the 11th.  And if I notice ones that might have completed say, all but 1 or 2...i will message them asking them to check tags or did they just miss that one, as I did last year.  Usually not many of those!  Y'all are pretty good with the tagging!  :D

Thanks Cat! I posted my last card today!!!! 

Thank you so much! The yearly MIUM challenge got me back into the groove of making a card every week. I needed that challenge to go back to what I love to do, make cards and share them with my family and friends. I have sent a lot of cards out and hope to keep my commitment to a card a week going. Thanks Cat and the entire team for the hard work that went into it. I appreciated it very much. 

Hey y'all!  Im probably gonna be just a day later announcing the winner of this!  With The release tonight and getting ready for that, I havent had a chance to check all over.  And thats important to do to me, lol! 

It looks like we have 18 so far in the running for the prize! 


Debbie Davis
Susan Wareham
melissa Kompkoff
Miesje Flach
Robin Logue
Johanna Rundell
Dawn Skene
Diana Scott
Julie Kae Stieber
Gayle Chrvala
Dorothy Mutafopulos
Linda Littlepage
Judy Inukai
Jan Brazier

Please NOTE!  If you think your name should be there too, please message me so I can look it over again for you or see if a tag is wrong or something!  Thanks!

Changing the date for Sunday to draw the winner! 

Drawing of winner rescheduled for Sunday, Jan. 14th!!

Hey Cat,

i tried to message you but we aren’t friends yet! Anyways, I’m pretty sure I completed them all and only used Gina k stamps on my cards 

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