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Quick show and tell.

Look at this stamp!

(Do you have any this bad?)

Yuck! I wanted to use this greeting on my card. It's supposed to say Celebrate the Moment but it was totally encrusted in black Stazon Ink since the last time it was used. (That was in December when we did a make and take thing for Christmas!) So, it's been like that for about six 6 months!

I couldn't even use the stamp because the rubber was hard as a rock. It wasn't even flexible anymore because of all that dried up gunky ink.

I pulled out my Ultraclean stamp cleaner and sprayed some on my clean up pad. (Yeah, I know, the pad is dirty too!) Then, I sat my stamp on it for about a minute or two to allow the cleaner to break down the crust.

Then, I scrubbed...and look!

 I love Ultraclean. It never lets me down!

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Wow, that is awesome... I don't have any that look like that, but will keep this product in mind. Thanks for sharing.

Ooo thanks fo rthis Gina!  Of all things I like clean, its my stamps, LOL!

WOW!!   I am just amazed.....very cool product!  I'll be ordering some!

Will this work on clear stamps (Gina K of course)?

I was just wondering the same thing Nancy - maybe there is a reject that Gina can try it on.

A reject would there be such a thing? Lol

Yep, that Ultra Clean is some great stuff.  I bought the Ultra Clean AND the pad here, and I have the best looking clean stamps.  Man, I can't believe how I can go from a black stamp, clean it, then go with a light colored ink, and NO hint of black.  To me, that's the ultimate test.

I also heard tell, that Ultra Clean works a lot like Gamsol with wax colored pencils. I haven't tried it, but my source is a well known artist, so I am believing it.  In a pinch, hey, I might go for it.  But, right now, in MY arsenal, I only have the Intense Watercolor Pencils, and I don't need anything but water for them.

I might just try the other out, if I ever get some wax-type colored pencils in the future....just saying.

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