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Hello Everyone!  I'm fairly new to card making and stamping and need some advice.  I see so many beautiful cards made by all of you creative and talented members that it's so inspiring to create!  My questions are, where and how do you suggest that I get started?  I'm overwhelmed by all of the videos i've watched.  What to you suggest to someone just starting out?  Are there basic stamps that are must haves?  I do have some dies and several embossing folders, but don't often know where to start with using them.  I've tried several of Gina's projects from Stamp TV and have loved them!  I have the Home for The Holidays kit and got so many compliments on those cards.  But, what are other great versitle stamps to add to that collection?  I guess I could also start by picking my favorite colors for paper and then choose the coordinating inks?  What about dies? My head is spinning!  But, I can't wait to get home and play and try different things.  Thanks again for all of the lovely cards and inspiration you all provide!


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I am so glad that you are enjoying your self! Personally, I don't think there is a one size fits all "must have." I think you should choose a set that you just LOVE, maybe a few colors of ink that your love and go well together (or cardstock, or the next kit when it comes out) and then just have it and create for a while. It probably won't take you too long to figure out what your style is.

I would not buy more embossing folders or dies until you have started using the ones you have. Lots of times people will emboss the background of the card and then use a die to cut out the stamped focal image. There are techniques that you can try after you use them for basic things.

If you see some stamp coloring that you like, try using the school supply type of marker or colored pencils and then if you really love it, you could later think about buying the crafting or art supply quality of those. You will find you get pretty good results with the school supply type and Gina has shown that in her videos many times throughout the years!

And have fun!

You might like to watch Gina's video entitled Sentimental Bouquet StampTv Mini Kit (page 2 in the videos). The kit is still available to buy in the online store (at the time of me typing this). Since you say you already have some embossing folders you could use those to "step the cards up a bit", like Gina suggests, after you have tried the basic layouts.The sentiments are good basic ones that you will use again and again.  The selection of inks is nice and when you use up the included cardstock you can buy more matching cardstock or there are plenty of other colours of ink and cardstock to choose from.  Ribbon is a good basic embellishment to start off with. This was the first mini kit and Gina said if it was popular that there may be more to come.  I think the kit is really nice for someone just starting out and very good value for money.  Welcome and happy stamping!

I agree totally, with both the above ladies. 

But, you can always "binge watch" YouTube for all the past GKD videos, or watch them here!

Some basics (but not all)  Black ink, like Memento, Versamark ink for heat embossing.  Do you have an embossing heat tool?  Embossing powders (see GKD store), and from there, you will soar!!!  (Gina gives some pointers for great products for this... on her videos).

It's so inspiring to hear about a new stamper!!!  It's a joy and a distraction!!!  Good luck, and have fun!!!

Trust me, with the support of your fellow card-makers here, and, in no time at will be totally in love with the craft!

Also, may I suggest join a Group, like "StampTv Addicts"!  Karen Hightower is the leader of the group, and she has wonderful cards each and every Friday, with total instructions at the top of the Thread....unless, of course, she has a guest host, for a Friday!  So that is a for sure....FREE tutorial each Friday. 

In addition to ALL the Videos that Gina (or her guest hosts) does throughout the week! 

Another words.....ideas are plentiful, and trust us, you WILL find your own style!!!  Meantime, copy the pros!  Just give them credit IF you post your card!!!!  (that you copied!)  It is the way to learn, also!!!  We all did it!

Best of luck to you!!!!

Hi Rhonda, I'm so happy you're here and that you're new to card making which is so exciting. You've definitely come to the right place. Adding to what the ladies already said, to help narrow down what else you might want to get, ask yourself: 1. What kind of cards do you think you'll be making more frequently? 2. Will you be making cards for adults or children? 3. Have you identified a favorite theme: flowers, frames, beach, children, masculine cards, etc? I'm sure you can come up with more questions and buy what you need accordingly. You already made a good start with the Home for the Holidays kit, you will build from there. Welcome to this fascinating, enjoyable addiction. Have a great day!

Welcome Rhonda. I echo what the other ladies said, but I do have some things to add. Just because a designer or blogger you admire says this die or that tool is the best thing since chocolate, don’t feel you have to run out and buy it. Ask me how I know this. As you become more experienced you will determine what other dies or tools you need. One thing I would recommend is a MISTI. It seems pricey, but is well worth it to get good impressions on your cards and to get your sentiments on straight. Gina’s Sentimental Bouquet Mini kit is a great place to start as it has a lot of the components to get you up and running. In the Home for the Holidays kit you experienced what good quality cardstock she carries. You will find cheaper cardstock in the big box stores, it doesn’t come close in color or quality in what Gina sells. As far as stamp sets, I would recommend Birthday Greetings and Assorted Greetings. Both these sets have a great variety of sentiments for inside and outside of cards. Card making is a fun hobby and StampTV is a fun place to hang out for great inspiration. I look forward to seeing your cards in the gallery.

Rhonda - Welcome to the group! I agree that the Sentimental Bouquet Mini kit is a great place to start. It has stamps and a nice selection of mini inks as well as other items. I purchased it to use as a gift and ended up keeping it and I have been making cards since 2011. If you want to buy dies the oval and rectangles are a good start. I would not worry about additional embossing folders right now. Also buy the cheap markers or pencils. No one will ever know what you used to color your stamped images. You can always buy more expensive coloring items once you decide what you like to color with. If you have any questions just ask and someone will answer you. The Members Sharing Forum is a good place to ask questions. Also, don't be afraid to post your cards, we were all new at one time or another.

All good questions!  I have a "top 10 products I love" video in the works, but I think I may now have to do a getting started video to answer your questions, as a lot of my faves I use a lot, but aren't essential for a beginner.  Everyone has their preferred go to products and techniques, and sometimes it take some trial and error (and purchasing...and regretting) to find which work best for you that yo keep coming back to, but you have inspired me to film how I would answer these questions, from what I did "then" and what I know now. I definitely didn't "need" all the stuff I often thought I did to enjoy the craft, and get great results! I have written several blog posts with this info and my recommendations over the years, but a video would be even better! Coming soon!! Thanks, Rhonda! :)

Welcome, Rhonda!  Card making has been my new love for a few years now, and I thought I'd add my two cents worth :) 

Stamp sets such as Elegant Florals or Flower Builders, which contain both flowers and leaf sprigs are a great start for both feminine and masculine cards.  Use the flowers for the girls, and the leaves for the guys.  They also contain some great, basic sentiments.  There are loads of other stamp sets that will do the same thing for you. Just pick the one (or ones) that are the most versatile for what you do.  You can add more (as I did!!) as your personal style develops (and your budget allows!).

I found that I use a couple of simple, subtle embossing folders such as Swiss Dot or basket weave for most of my embossed backgrounds, and you can do a few really cool techniques with them.  I have more, of course, but really just a few will go a long way.

I have a small collection of wafer dies, but my circles and ovals definitely get the most action.

You'll have so much fun!  Can't wait to see your projects in the galleries.  

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