Card making, rubber stamping techniques and project videos for papercrafters

If you have an acrylic block large enough stamp the whole sheet of unmounted rubber before you cut it up. That way you can place it on a board with the images easily available so you can tell what they look like. I will include a photo of what I mean. Anyway, my happy mail arrived and I am ready for action this afternoon getting my sets cut up. 

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I forgot to add that I glue the stamped sheet onto the mounting board and then stick the images in the same location on the opposite side. They end up looking very much like Gina K.'s that way.  I can then store them in the plastic storage boxes like I do all of the others.

This is the best tip!

Great idea, Verna! Thanks for sharing!

That's very clever, Verna!

Very clever!

I have been stamping with some of mine today. Having fun!

Verna, you are wonderful! And smart! And talented!

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